Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Which I Cook Up Some More Shizz (And Lose a Fingertip)

Peeps, remember how I told you that whenever I wind up going back to work, it was going to kick my ass, H.A.R.D.? Well, yeah, I got a taste of that today when I rose before the sun, drove to the ATL, back home, then over to Athens-y area. And I. AM. TIRED. Very tired. But, still, I am here, giving you the best of the Bun.

Yesterday evening, I decided to cook up a different dinner. Last week, they had catfish on sale at the Publix, so I bought me up some and decided to cook it up--a summer fish fry!

So, I dipped the pieces in a little EVOO, encrusted them with panko, then put a little EVOO in a skillet and set them to cookin.' In the meantime, I had some squash that needed attention.

I decided to make squash patties, so I grated up some squash and onion, then added sour cream and flour. Oh, and a chunk of my finger. For flavor. (Thanks, Williams-Sonoma, for making extra-sharp graters! And I am sure ER docs across the country thank you, as well.).

Then, I dolloped the mix in a pan drizzled lightly with EVOO and attempted to cook them up. I say attempted because the end result was not so great.

Yeah, the patties were droopy, not crisp, probably because I did not deep fry them in oil as the recipe stated (I was TRYING to make them lighter!). I think the taste was great, but next time, I would just mix it all up, add an egg, and dump it in a casserole and bake. I think that would have been better. The other side was just fresh cukes and 'maters in ranch dressing. Next time, I will stick with slaw and roasted taters with the catfish. Oh, well. See, even the Bun is not 100% fabulous all the time.

Tonight, I didn't feel like cooking shizz, but I couldn't very well NOT cook with all the food in the house AND since we've already been out twice this week. So, I made one of the standbys: Big Salad.

Damn, that looks pretty, don't it? It was as tasty as it was pretty, I promise. I kept it simple--romaine, tomatoes, warmed beef and grilled onions with a vinaigrette of blue cheese, white balsamic and EVOO. Better than anything we could have paid for out. Before dinner, I sipped on a glass of this:

Yes, it's the goat farm again. Those of you who have been with Bunny a while will remember I tried this company's Pinot Noir, which I thought was aw-ight. This rose evoked similar feelings--not bad at all, but nothing to tingle my taste buds.

Other than that, I am just listening to melancholy Annie Lennox tunes because that's how I feel like rollin' today. Loneliness is one of my faves:

Is a place that I know well
It's the distance between us
And the space inside ourselves
Is the chattering in your head
It's the call of the living
And the race from life to death
And I know
And I know
What you feel

And I've got a longin'
That's hard to find
Won't give me no peace of mind
Something that I've lived with all along
Days and weeks and months and years
Filling in the time, my dear
Tryin' to find the place where I belong

Don't call the shrink, peeps, or start worrying about me, 'kay?? I just admire her ability as a great songwriter. Anyhoodle, I am off to start heading toward bed, possibly another glass of wine and, hopefully, some reading if I can stay awake long enough. XO, B.


Elisabeth said...

I wonder if the squash patties would have cooked better on a flat pan instead of a grill iron? Just a thought... on a different note, stay tuned to my "places" as I post what Scott found growing in our yard yesterday!! (no, it isn't illegal.)

bunny said...

Possibly. I cooked them in the grill pan so they wouldn't "sit" in the oil. Too bad you can't smoke that watermelon! ;)