Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm Alive. Barely.

Oy. Peeps. I know you were worried about the Bun (you were, weren't you??) but I have been playing Aunt Bunny this week. Monday evening we picked up our nephews, spawn of my sis--A., who is 8 and M who is 6. I have been a somewhat neglectful Aunt lately, and since I have plenty of time on my hands right now, and the kids are more mature (Read: No diapers), I thought now was as good of a time as any. And since they have never spent the night with Aunt Bunny before, I thought if they came together it might lesson any apprehensions.

Monday night went seamlessly--games, cookies. Then came bedtime. And lots of giggling and horseplay. Until Aunt B. separated them until they fell asleep. Tuesday morning, at the crack of dawn, they were up. The hubs was off Tuesday, so we decided to take them to a local mountain town and go on a hike to some falls, and then go tubing. For those of you not familiar with tubing, it involves riding a huge inner tube down the 'Hooch (also known as the Chattahoochee River) and getting soaking wet. Yep. And it's the most fun you will ever have in a slightly redneck way. Here are some pics:

Anna Ruby Falls, in which A. pissed and moaned all the .5 mile hike about HOW FAR it was. Note to self: Children do not appreciate nature.

Yo, yo! Master M. in 'da house!

Waiting to get on the tubing bus to take us to the drop-off point. Notice the life vests. Bunny is all about safety. And slightly frightened of my sister.

Boys at the end of the tubing trip. Bunny could not be photographed (well, my arm could...) because I was almost indecently wet. Having never been before, we didn't realize how much water gets in the tube (which has a bottom)--you basically wind up sitting in a puddle PLUS there are rapid-y sections that are quite splashy. But talk about a great ab workout! We are hoping for another trip down the 'Hooch before the summer is done.

Tuesday had a rocky start, however, when A. threw up in the car. Yep. You read that right. About 30 minutes into the hour trip. Luckily, it didn't smell at all and we had wipes (B. is always prepared) and an extra set of clothes (Note to self: ALWAYS carry two sets of clothes for children, no matter how old they are as some catastrophe is always close at hand). Then, M. thought the fish food on the river outlook at Anna Ruby was a snack and decided to munch on down. But, aside from a few bruises and scrapes, everyone manged to survive the day.

Wednesday, the hubs returned to work and Bun decided I would take the boys to the local water park/aquatic center. Which is fabulous, but COVERED UP WITH PEOPLE. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. I was going out of my mind trying to keep an eyeball on each of them. I think they had a good time, but after lunch and showers, I think we were all worn out and ready to part ways.

Dudes. Parenting is HARD. Of course, Bunny knows this, which is why the hubs and I made the choice not to have little ones. I believe lots of folks think you will have kids and fit them into your life. Nope. You fit yourself into your kid's life. And it is a full-time job. I was WORN OUT last night and after two vodka tonics and 10 hours of sleep, I almost feel human today. Almost. My only regret is we don't have more pics--it was too wet to take the camera out on the tubing trip (Note to self: Next time, purchase a waterproof disposable!) and I forgot to take my camera to the water park! Crapola.

Not to say the boys were not behaved--they were pretty much good the entire time. And we enjoyed spending the time with them. They can be so fun and funny. But trips may have to be limited to one per year. I'm just saying. A friend told me today about someone she worked with who had "Aunt Camp" every year and invited all her nephews and nieces to come spend a summer week with her. I might do that. But give me a few years. Until they can at least do more. Like cook. And wash clothes. And not throw up on themselves. And mix cocktails for Aunt Bunny.

Anyhoodle, not much going on other than that--it will be a calm holiday weekend since the hubs has to work. I hope all of you have a great 4th! Be safe! B.

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