Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hump Day Holla

Dudes. It has been a crazy week here at Casa Bunny. So crazy that I am squeezing in this HDH right under the wire with only about 40 minutes left until I turn into a pumpkin.

First, Monday, I went into the ATL to spend the night at Casa Sis because I had an interview early yesterday. YES! I KNOW! And it's my second one this week. I am encouraged but trying not to get my hopes up too much. So, that's all I am going to say for now.

The news of the day, however, was the BUNNY ROCKS BOOM BLOX! Yes, thank you very much Mr. Steven Speilberg (dude, like you don't have ENOUGH money, you had to go and invent a video game??). I revel in my prowess with BB because, basically, I suck at all things Wii (except bowling--I also rock the bowling. Hard.) and my nephews (who, remember, are 6 and 8) KICK. MY. ASS. at everything I play with them. It's SO embarrassing. But, bless their hearts, they are all like, "It's ok, Bunny--it's your first time, right??" Um. Yeah. Right! But I won all three games of Boom Blox. So there.

So after driving over 140 miles in less that 24 hours, I made my way home yesterday to some freelance deadlines and then enjoyed dinner with a friend. And we discovered a new favorite thing:

If they sell this wonderful, decadent treat at your grocer, buy it. Now. They sell it our local Publix. Talenti actually makes gelatto and sorbetto. I saw it weeks ago and was intrigued, so I recommended it to my friend. It is not cheap, but, oh baby, is it worth it. It lived up to my expectation and then some. The color alone on this raspberry is fabulous. And the flavor was spot on--tart, tangy and tasty.

My friend served it up with some fresh berries and a little wedge of chocolate. It was divine. I cannot wait to try some of the other flavors. They have another sorbetto called Peach Champagne. And the gelattos? What about Caramel Cookie Crunch? Mmmm. I will report back as I try other flavors.

So, today, the hubs was off and we awoke, opened our deck drapes and were greeted with KK with a baby bunny in her mouth. Yes. Fresh kill. She paraded about with it for quite a while. Wouldn't put it down. Wanted in the house with it. The pride! I almost barfed my breakfast. Then, tonight, she killed a SECOND bunny and left it on the front stoop. Oh, my, what have I done to get such love offerings? Did somone tell her about all my loving posts on BGR?

On another note, I have more cucumbers than I can eat or give away, so I guess I am going to have to start pickling.

This haul is just from the past week, and there are more, more, more to come. Anyone have an easy freezer pickle recipe??

Well, I am off--it's well past my bed time and I am tuckered. The rest of the week is going to be plenty busy, that's for sure. Be good, and I'll be back soon. Bunch


Elisabeth said...

We just tried the gelatto!! Thing is, the container said "coconut" & that was what I was hoping for, but when I got it home, the top said "vanilla bean" and it was vanilla. But sweetie let me say, it was the best vanilla yumminess ever. But I will be going back for coconut. This time, I'll make sure container & lid match.

bunny said...

1) How weird is that (you having just tried it too)?
2) I'd report that issue to the company--tell them it was great but you were disappointed. Maybe they will send you a coupon!
3) Good vanilla ice cream is hard to do. It's a standard setter in my book.
4) I am sad my BGR vocabulary seems to be rubbing off on all my friends. :)

Elisabeth said...

Good idea about contacting the company. I probably don't do that enough. One of my dessert recipes calls for coconut ice cream, and I had never seen it in a store until now.

On a related food note, have you checked out PW's new foodie site? I've already joined...if you do, I'll be your friend. :)

bunny said...

I saw the post, have not had time to join, and I thought you were already my friend! :)

Elisabeth said...

...but I'll be your friend there, too... ;-)

bunny said...

I am there now, as bunnygoround. Someone had the audacity to have already registered as bunny!

Elisabeth said...

ok... tried the coconut & it was like the best, sweetest coconut cake ever churned up into ice cream wonderfulness. ummmmmm

bunny said...

E., see new post. I didn't get that. Sadly.