Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hotdogs & Baseball, Peach-State Style

My bro (who, like most men, does everything at the last minute) extended Bunny an invite to go to the Atlanta Braves game last night like yesterday. Now, I am not a big lover of sports, professional or collegiate, but I AM a big lover of experiences, and nothing says summer like a nighttime baseball game, complete with beer and peanuts (which, yes, we had, but, yes, I forgot to photograph). Plus, it was free tickets and gave me time to hang with my bro and his kiddos. And, when bro told me we could go to the Varsity for dinner, the deal was sealed.

Ah, yes. The Varsity. An Atlanta landmark. Where everyone in the ATL goes for pre- and post-game nosh.

Looking down on the car-hop area (you park, they bring you your food) with the ATL downtown skyline to the left and the gigantic Olympic-now-downtown-college dorm to the right.

The outside of the back side. That's my bro raising his hands in worship; the kiddos are just staring at their crazy Aunt Bunny snapping pics.

Because there was a Braves game last night, the place was packed. Craziness. Seriously.

This cute little girl did not take my order, but she was not happy to be there, you could tell. I was glad the crazy woman with the camera could make her smile.

A Varsity chili dog with onion rings. You haven't lived until you have had a Varsity chili dog with onion rings. Or a chili cheese dog. Or a chili slaw dog. You also have never had the heartburn you will have until after a meal at the Varsity. Word.

My nephew working an onion ring. He asked me, "Why is this place so popular?" First, we tried to explain the concept of tradition. Then, I was just like, little dude, did you taste the onion ring you're eating? BTW, the little paper Varsity hats are free. This visit was the kids' first, so we had to make them wear them. You know I am all about the cheese. The cheesier the better.

My niece looking out over the parking lot. We were in downtown. There was plenty to look at out there, trust me.

Like this girl. Honey, the 80s called. They want their pants back, stat.

And this gentlemen, decked out all in purple. Don't know what he was preachin' or sellin', but at least he was stylin'.

The kiddos in their hats, again overlooking the car hop area. Cheesy Bunny made them do the "V" thingy.

For you non-Georgians, the Olympic tower from the Atlanta games is on the other side of the Varsity parking lot, so you get two sight-seeing landmarks in one!

And here are the Olympic rings and the stand the eternal flame was in (to the right). This part was when things got ugly. See all that traffic?? Yeah, it was a NIGHT. MARE. We were unaware, but they were having a special ceremony at the game last night to retire a popular player's number (Greg Maddux) and it was a C.F. of madness. It took us almost 1.5 hours to find a parking space, and then we had to park way, way away. Way. way. away.

We finally made it to the game at the bottom of the second inning. We left after the seventh because the kids were tired and the Braves were winning like 10-0. It was a trouncing of the NY Mets. See the stands though?? Full. to. the. rafters.

Ode to the outfield. Pretty.

If you live in ATL, it's all about Coke and Chik-fil-A. And Delta. The Coke bottle shoots fireworks out of the top when the Braves make a home run.

Bunny and D. Don't you love my "Georgia glisten?" That's the lovely flush and gleam you get from July evenings in the South. I am not sure where I lost my make-up. Somewhere in the 1.5 hours driving around and around Turner Field, I suppose.

K. with her dad playing the cut-up behind her.

The bro with the kiddos outside the "special level" which was so special, we didn't know it was where our seats were at first, and walked around the stadium looking them for about 20 minutes.

In the end, a fun time was had by all. In fact, I am STILL reliving the Varsity chili dog. Oy. But it was worth it. Always a good time when spent with your fams. Indeed. More later--it's a jam-packed weekend. B. OUT!


Elisabeth said...

You have succeeded in making me CRAVE Varsity onion rings - there really are none better. They are the standard.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

We had lunch at Varsity after the GA Aquarium. Yes, I did have onion rings and husband had the chili slaw dog.

I should have brought peaches back from our trip. I can't figure out why we live next door to GA but all the peaches in my Publix come from California!

bunny said...

LMSS, peaches just came in this week at our local orchard, which is a little later than normal. Trust me, we keep a hawk-eye out in June/July for the "peaches for sale" sign! Maybe some will trickle down your way soon!