Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden, Shop, Cook: A Near Perfect Day

Peeps! The end of the weekend is drawing near and it's been a good one. Yes. Quite good. Yesterday morning, we awoke to almost fall-ish temps here. Well, compared to the wilting heat we HAVE had, it could def qualify as nippy. PERFECT weather for working in the garden, so Bun was tres excited.

Out to the garden I went for 2.5 hours of solid bliss. The sun was out, but a near-constant breeze kept things cool. I tended to the veggie patch--including picking another bumper harvest of cukes--and then repotted some herbs on the deck that have been languishing. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with these pots, so I just ripped them all out with the intent to start over and found out they were terrifically pot bound. So, I stripped them down and repotted the whole mess. Let's hope they put out like little 'hos now. Here's a few garden pics:

The hubs yellow waterlily finally bloomed in its rich, buttery yellow gorgeousness. So pretty.

Our hydrangeas, wilty from the lack of rain and the oppressive heat, are turning purple-y. Lovely.

In case you think I lie about the sad state of my garden (well, esp. the tomatoes), here are two "developmentally disabled" fruits I picked this morning. Sigh.

After some errands, I met a friend to go shopping for some possible work clothes bargains. Yes, I know I do not have a job YET, but I know that, more than likely, jeans and t-shirts will unfortunately NOT be acceptable in my next position. Alas, we came up mostly empty-handed.

For dinner last night, I threw together one made-up recipe (based on something I saw on a cooking show) and one recipe Bobs gave me. The first was eggplant stacks. I have never cooked with eggplant. Yes. I know. But I just really don't like eggplant all that much. I decided to at least TRY something new, ok? So step off.

First, I sliced it and brushed both sides with olive oil, then sprinkled the slices with herbs de Provence, salt and pepper and grilled it lightly in the trusty Caphalon grill pan.

Next, I layered the slices on a cookie sheet with provolone cheese, tomato, fresh basil and topped with parm. Then, I broiled them in the oven until the top was brown and the cheese melty.

While that all was goin' on, I mixed up ground turkey meat with green chilis and sour cream. This recipe called for green onions, but having none (though I THOUGHT I did), I decided to "improvise."

Grilled up the burgers, also in the trusty Caphalon skillet.

All plated. Burgers, served on the Publix multigrain roll, were tasty, but I like the green onion more (Bobs made them for me a few weeks ago with the onion). The chilis were good, but I should've went all the Tex-Mex way, adding pepper-jack cheese and salsa, served with black beans. The eggplant stacks were not nearly as flavorful as I thought they would be--and they didn't really "go" with the burgers. Oh, well. I will know better next time. I may try a rip-off of eggplant parm next, and will make the burgers next time via the recipe . After dinner, we watched a movie, then enjoyed these:

Hellz yes! Peaches are FINALLY in at the local peach orchard. Now that's what I'm talking about, bitches! My hubs picked up a peck on his way home from work. We have been shoving them in our pieholes and will probably be suffering in a day or two if we don't slow down. They are super good.

Lastly, here is a funny pic of the Pud napping with daddy today. We retired for some rest after an early jaunt to a local heirloom festival earlier. I will post all about that tomorrow--don't want to overexcite you peeps. So tune in later! B.


blackbird said...

Pieholes. Heh.

I'm full just READING this.

bunny said...

Goodness, it was a gastronomical weekend, for sure, B.B. I have been slack on the new cooking, but I try not to cook (with heat) too much in the summer.

And guess what I am doing right now? Sitting here shoving yet another peach in my piehole. :) Gotta love the summer in Ga. if only for fresh peaches.

Elisabeth said...

The eggplant looks really good to me... I might try sprinkling a bit of oregano on in addition & maybe just serving along side pasta w/ lemon / olive oil coating...

Great picture of the nap!

bunny said...

Oh, it looked wonderful; the taste was just sorta "blah." Maybe some more garlic (though hubs is not into garlic like me). Oregano would be good but I almost thought I might have done TOO many herbs...until I tasted it.