Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Food Fest

Whazz up, dudes? Yesterday, I decided to take a jaunt down to the ATL to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. I have had a jones to go since I read someone's blog about it last week (thanks, Little Miss SS!) AND I am planning to try my hand at making some refrigerator pickles this weekend and needed some spices, so off I went, on my merry way, a solitary road trip.

First, I think I need me one of these. A cheery, orangy-red convertible VW. I am just sure having one of these would keep your disposition sunny all the time.

I know I am a big foodie dork, but I have to admit I feel a little rush every time I see this sign and think about the delightful things I hope to find inside. It's like foodie heaven. For some strange reason, they don't allow photos inside (there is a huge sign posted to this effect, right beside the huge "absolutely no concealed weapons" sign--WTF?), but let's say I spent more than I should, but I got lots for my money.

Like all these delicious veggies--carrots (which I plan to cut up and freeze), lemons (maybe fresh lemonade!), limes (a key lime pie is in our future), tomatoes (bread salad tonight), sweet potatoes (to roast later this week with pork), white peaches (maybe a small cobbler?).....

.....mushrooms (spaghetti this week!), eggplant (I am not giving up and have another recipe to try!), cabbage (mmm, slaw with the sweet taters and pork!), zucchini and yellow squash. I also bought a big 'ol watermelon.

And spices for pickling.....tumeric ($.71!), celery seed ($.60!) and mustard seed ($.60!). Really, again, the spices are RIDICULOUSLY cheap!

I also bought olive oils, some good mustard (paninis! vinaigrettes!) and fig preserves (I am thinking pork sandwiches later in the week with fig spread and goat cheese).

Italian bread (for last night), foccocia (for bread salad tonight) and strawberry danish (weekend morning "special" breakfast).

For dinner last night, I bought mushroom ravioli and tomato & sage cream sauce. The DFM has all kinds of freshly made pastas and sauces and I have been wanting to try them for a while.

The raviolis were shaped like little mushrooms. Cute!

I served with a salad on the side (walnuts and dried cherries) and the sauce with parm cheese on top. It was good, not great--I didn't get a lot of sage from the sauce or tons of flavor from the ravioli. I think adding some shredded fresh sage would have helped the sauce. Note for next time.

I also decided to try my hand last night at recreating the Tomato Montrachet appetizer from Brick Store Pub (remember, I went there in June? It was the day M.J. died. Between his death and that awesome beer, I will remember it fo'eva. Yes, I see what is wrong with that. I am just sayin'.). The dish is described as "our own spicy tomato sauce with chunks of fresh chevre & crusty bread for sopping." So, I assembled the above for my trial.

I poured enough sauce in my tiny Le Creuset casserole to cover the bottom, sprinkled the sauce liberally with feta, then poured some more sauce on top. I placed in the oven for about 10-15 minutes on 400--just 'til the cheese is melty and the sauce bubbly. Served it with the Italian loaf from DFM for sopping.

Y'all. This was SO GOOD. Very, very similar to what we had at Brick Store. And SO EASY. But messy. Messy to eat and messy to cook (see my splattered little dish!). But, really, aren't the messiest dished the yummiest?? Try this. You won't regret it. And you can just make a little at the time, if there are just two of you, like me and the hubs.

For tonight, I bought the cucumber soup which I am serving with bread salad and, for appetizer, white bean dip (basically white bean hummus). Looking forward to dinner, that's all I can say!

Other than my trip, yesterday was pretty quiet. I bathed the girls last night, much to Savannah's deep chagrin, and she attacked the hair dryer and tried to bite me. Fun times. I am thinking no more bathing at home. It is just beyond our capabilities now with her old and cranky like she is. Or we are going to have to investigate severe sedation. Sigh.

Anyhoodle, lots going on the weekend--the hubs is off and we are gonna be all domestic-y and such. Have a great Friday! XO, B.


Elisabeth said...

ok - after 5 days with the iPhone, I've determined that as soon as you are gainfully employed, you need one of these b/c then you could take all the photos you would need with it - even at DFM.

Sonya said...

I'm a little jealous about the trip to the DFM....that IS an adventure!

bunny said...

S., we will go again soon, but I had a window and needed to seize the opportunity!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I started breathing heavily when I saw that you were writing about the DFM.
I started hyperventilating at the thought of the spice aisle! I couldn't believe I got a tub of basil for 27 cents and a tub of cloves for $1.17
I blame my brother-in-law for taking me there!

bunny said...

LMSS, I call it the "Wall O' Spices." If you can't find it there, in at least three forms, they don't have it anywhere! Including stuff not available at the Publix.