Sunday, July 26, 2009

Celebration Sunday

Well, peeps, I cannot believe we are here at another end to a weekend. Today was cleaning day at Casa Bunny, including purging the freezer and fridge. Oy. I found some things that were growing penicillin and some others so encrusted with ice, I couldn't identify them.

You would think being a foodie, I would keep better track of my edibles, but alas, that is my downfall. I am constantly buying some new spread, sauce or other item, and then they just all get crammed on top of each other in the fridge/freezer/cabinets. I told my hubs we could probably eat out of the cupboards and fridge for a good month without repeats. Actually, I am trying to cull through and start rotating some things out which may make for some interesting meals upcoming.

This evening, we met with the fams to celebrate my niece's b-day. K. turned 6 earlier this week. I remember when my bro and sis-in-law brought her home from Russia at 18 months--she had big dark circles under her eyes, rocked to soothe herself and didn't speak. Now she is a sassy, vibrant little girl.

With the most beautiful blue eyes. And I love her new short bob--such a big girl haircut. She also lost her first front tooth this week--it was a big week for her!

M. lost his SECOND front tooth this week, so his grin is dramatically gap-toothed. Bless his heart, he could hardly bite into his food tonight! I know he looks the tiniest bit deranged in this photo, but in the other option, he had a big chunk of food stuck in his teeth (that he has left).

D., K.'s older bro, loves to sit in the most contorted positions. Take a look at this. Oy. If only Bunny was still that limber.

A. trying to keep from laughing. I told him he just looked constipated, which, of course, he thought was hilarious. He is developing the best little personality. Smart as a whip, that one.

Trying to get a good photo of these four is like herding cats. This one actually isn't too bad, except they are looking at someone else...

And the first step on the downhill slide to Sillyland.....

And now we have fully arrived! Goobers. I love them totes though. What a great age they all are right now--just the right amount of silly and fun.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Be back soon! Love, B.

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Elisabeth said...

Awsome - love family time. Can't believe K is already 6. Time flies....