Friday, July 17, 2009

(Before the) Weekend Update

How--oh how--peeps is it that I can be so busy, but yet my life seems so boring and routine sometimes? Yes. I know. I, too, find my joie de vivre in the mundane, which is why I, therefore, blog. So, here's a recap of the past few days at Casa Bunny, in random order.

Yesterday, my moms treated me to another pedicure. Yes, she has been financing my summer foot care. I am usually traditional with polishes, choosing a nice red mostly, but yesterday, I went purple. Grape jelly purple. I really know how to step out on a limb, right? Call me kooky. I bought this shade in the Ulta clearance section, which is pretty much where I buy all my polish since I use it so infrequently. On another note, yes, that is Savannah sniffing my toes. What is it about dogs and feet? Furry freaks.

And looky, looky what I purchased yesterday at the Publix! I was so excited about this flavor--I was hoping it would taste like a pina colada, but alas, the flavor was not that pungent. Sigh. (And, hubs, I KNOW I only had a ONE bite, so don't be dipping into my gelatto when I am not home tonight! I am PMS and NEED the sweet--GET ME? Don't make me go all Postal Bunny.)

While I was taking the pic of the above, I thought I would photo this lovely treat, as well--my favorite ice cream EV-AH. Caramel ice cream with caramel sauce swirled through. Delish. Most excellent with apple cake in the fall.

KK decided to sleep inside today. Guess it was too muggy outside. Of course, I had to pester her by taking photos of her cuteness. She did not take to it kindly.

"GET THAT FUCKING FLASHY THING OUT OF MY FACE, BITCH!! Shit! All I wanted to do was get my nap on." Yeah. I think there are more dead bunnies in my future.

Last night, I made frittata again and it was just as yummy. Even better, said the hubs. This time, I kept the sausage and feta but added sun-dried tomatoes and arugula. On the side, I served a salad of tomatoes, cukes and onions with fresh basil, olive oil, $10 salt and balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmmm.

Other than that, I have been madly working on a freelance project ending today (yeah, I gots to go get back to work) and juggling my job search (which is still looking pretty ok for now). This weekend, we are making our way to a local heirloom tomato festival, and tonight I am going to the Atlanta Braves games (last minute offer of free tickets--who am I to say no?). I will be back with pics soon. Later taters, B.

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Elisabeth said...

So you didn't like the coconut... I hadn't expected pineapple, but I guess with "Caribbean" in the title...