Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Beer to Books: The TBR Stack Grows

Oy. Dudes. My To Be Read stack by the bed just keeps on growing. And the stack of books in my spare bedroom is simply Out. Of. Control. Between my moms, friends and, my life floweth over with literature. And I have been on a reading tear, but it seems for every one I read, three more show up. Oh well. As long as summer TV sucks and I am watching my pennies, it's not like there is anything better to do. So here's the run down:

1) My Life in France by Julia Child is still in the stack and next in line. The movie Julie & Julia is coming out August 7 , so I have to get that puppy underway.

2) The Kite Runner by
Khaled Hosseini also has moved up the stack, but I hear this book is very wrenching, in the emotional sense, so I will have to choose a time to read it when I feel like I am emotionally up to par.

3) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Someone I interviewed with for a job (No shizz. Seriously.) told me about this book and it sounded so interesting. A non-fiction work, it covers a year in which Kingsolver and her family decided they would only eat what they could grow, raise or buy locally. The local eating/raise your own concept is so intriguing to me that I had to get this one.

4) The Year of Living Famously by
Laura Caldwell. Yes, it's light lit, but I have to have some fluff amongst all the heavy fodder. At least this book has a storyline we have all imagined ourselves in (if we were being honest)--normal, everyday girl marries big-time movie star. What happens next?

5) Confessions of a Prep-School Mommy Handler by Wade Rouse. I am in a Wade Rouse love-fest after reading America's Boy, but I am trying to pace myself. This book covers his job as a PR manager for a private secondary school. I have high expectations so I hope this lives up.

6) Twelve Times Blessed by Jacqueline Mitchard. I am 50-50 for this author--I loathed Deep in of the Ocean by loved The Breakdown Lane. Her books are a commitment as they are usually long (this one clocks in at 500+ pgs.) and non-skimmable (read: dense text), so I hope it winds up being a "love."

7) Three Cups of Tea by
Greg Mortenson. A friend recommended this non-fiction book about an American nurse whose efforts have resulted in the construction of more than 50 schools across rural Pakistan and Afghanistan to help alleviate poverty and improve access to education, especially for girls. Can't wait to read.

8) The Book of Joe by
Jonathan Tropper. This book was recommended to me by a book site as one of those "if you like this, then you'll like this" recommendations. The plot is big-town male returns to his small-town roots following family tragedy. reviewers say it is both laugh-out loud funny and tear inducing. Sounds like my kind of book.

9) The Garden of Last Days by Andre Dubus III. I just borrowed this one from my sis. It is Dubus' long-awaited follow-up to House of Sand and Fog, which is an all-time favorite of mine. My sis said to lower my expectations for this one. We'll see.

I cross-my-heart promise to report back on all/most/some of these. At least the ones that rock. Have a great Hump Day. You know mine have sorta sucked recently so I plan on going back to bed with a book asap. Later taters! B


Elisabeth said...

really want to hear about 8 & 9... Book of Joe sounds promising.

I started The Middle Place & am really liking it so far. You're right - except for the cancer - knock on wood - that is my family. Also reading Pope Joan, which is pretty good, too. I usually don't read two at a time, but it is sorta working for me... it is a mood thing!

bunny said...

Will do. I should be able to write some guest posts for you for some of these, as well.