Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back to the Good Stuff: Eatin', Drinkin' & Groovin'

Peeps, I haven't posted any foods and libations in a while because, well, dudes, I have been cooking a lot of repeats and we've also had some fairly boring meals of late. Yep. Nothing new or of note. But I have been saving up a few things and thought I would post them altogether now. So, here we go, in no particular order.

Tonight, I made yet another blackberry crumble, but I decided to take it BIG. So BIG that I did not make enough topping and had to whip up a second batch. Can I just tell you how much I love berry season? And these were huge, plump, gorgeous berries. BTW, that white on the berries? Is flour. Not fuzzy mold. Just sayin'. 'Cause at Casa Bunny, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Tonight for dinner, I grilled us up some pork steaks and, let me tell you, they were delish. I am not sure I had ever heard of pork steaks but they were on sale at the Publix for cheapo so I thought "what the hell?" I went simple in the prep, rubbing them with some black pepper sauce and sprinkling them with salt. I served them up with mashed sweet taters and a big 'ol salad with fresh cukes and maters from my garden "enhanced" with some blue cheese. YUM.

I made this big steak salad over the weekend. Sorta a bastardized salad Nicoise, I served grilled tenderloin over romaine tossed with a homemade Dijon vinaigrette and then artfully arranged it on a plate with roasted red potatoes and steamed green beans, tossed with fresh lemon juice. Oh, and a pile of blue cheese (because you know blue cheese and bacon make everything better.). No recipe--I just pulled this one out of my arse.

You may remember that one of my peeps gave me a 6-pack of this Abita Strawberry lager for my b-day, and I finally indulged in the last week. It's not bad, but I have to admit that I prefer Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde. The strawberry in the Abita is notable when you take a whiff, but almost non-existent when you take a sip. I like to be bowled over by flavor, so I was somewhat disappointed. It's not a bad beer overall, but it's not a great flavored beer.

I tried this cider last week for the first time. I typically only drink hard cider in summer, which is a little odd in that it seems to be such a fall drink, but I appreciate the cold crispness when it is super hot. And I do like it super cold. I am not a big fan of Woodchuck cider (too sweet, especially the flavors) but I do like the traditional tart taste of Strongbow. Hornsby def leans more to the tart and, even better, it costs about $2 less per 6-pack than Strongbow. And it's less than Woodchuck too. Ladies and gents, I say we have a winner.

This beer was a gift from a SUPER GIGANTIC booze store in the ATL. I had seen this at Taco Mac on the beer list and loved the name of the beer AND the brewery (Smuttynose Brewery, which is hard to read, I know. Stupid glare.). You all know the B. loves her brown & amber ales. So here is the beer descrip from the brewery site:

Old Brown Dog has been cited as a classic example of the “American Brown Ale” style of beer. Compared to a typical English Brown Ale, Old Brown Dog is fuller-bodied and more strongly hopped.

Just makes me tingly thinking about it. I hope it does not disappoint. I will be reporting back. Cross my heart. Seriously.

And, oh yes, look what I finally found. Hellz to the yes. Anyone for a cocktail? I will be serving tomorrow night at 7 p.m., with So You Think You Can Dance on at 8. Don't judge. I lurves that show.

In music news, I seem surrounded by the 80's this week. I made an impromptu trip to IKEA last night to assist a friend with some furniture transport (A friend with a truck is a friend indeed. Word.) and those Swedish peeps were throwing down the 80's, including one of my all time fave tracks from INXS--Kiss the Dirt, from one of the best albums eva', Listen Like Thieves, c. 1985. What a song. I think I embarrassed my friend ever so slightly when I came to a stop in the middle of the aisle, gasped and said "OH. MY. GOD. KISS THE DIRT!!" It's just one of those songs you NEVER hear out in public--you know what I mean, right??

Anyhoodle, I am off like a herd of turtles. My crumble's getting cold. See you later, peeps. Sweet dreams! Bun


tiff said...

As a fellow beer lover, may I recommend the Duck Rabbit Amber? YUMMY! If you like IPAs, check out Long Hammer. A hoppy, tasty treat! I love the beer reviews. Will I make you an alkie if I request more?!?

bunny said...

Ah, tiff. A girl after my beer-soaked heart. I saw the Duck Rabbit Amber at the gigantic liquor store but had to decide between it and Smuttynose. (You KNOW I was drawn to the rabbit...) I will add it to the list. I really don't like IPAs beers so much--I am an amber/lager/wheaty chick. If it has caramel/chocolate/malty notes, I'm all in. You are in luck because I drink more beer in the summer, more wine in the winter. Please pass any additional suggestions my way.

big sis said...

I want to come over for drinks and SYTYCD!!
Where did you find the Tuscan Lemonade? ("Lemonade--that cool refreshing drink")

Elisabeth said...

Well, sorry that the Abita didn't deliver. I'll look for the other one for the hubby. What's the gigantic liquor store in the ATL you're frequenting? New one at Perimeter? Also, love Hornsby... great on draft when you can find it, too.

bunny said...

Sis, Leave the boys with B. and COME ON OVER! My guest bedroom is all set and the last people to sleep on the sheets were your sons.

I found the LEM-MON-NADE at the gigantic store, which is Toco Giant on North Druid (Seriously. GIANT is in the name). I know that there are probably stores as big or bigger, but it is, by far, the biggest I have ever been in. I swear it's like a football field and packed to the rafters with a range and depth of booze, spirits, wine and beer like you would not believe.

E., no worries on the Abita. You know I am always up to try something new, and it is still a nice, light, summery beer, just not as fruity as I would have hoped.