Friday, June 05, 2009

WTF Friday

Yo, peeps, WTF happened to this week? I swear it went by in a whirl of meetings, work, and other activities. Of course, the birthday made it all more frantic...or frentic...or whatever. Here are some other random WTF moments from this week: it with people who feel compelled to take 50 pieces of sushi from the buffet, leaving three pieces for everyone else to fight over? I mean, they will be making MORE, asshat. You don't have to descend like a one-man locust and sweep the counter clean. it that resume paper costs 10 times more than regular paper? Is it really that much more special? I spent $100+ this week on resume supplies. This shizz better land me a good paying job, soon. it that people cannot CALL YOU BACK when they say they will? I am currently waiting on a call from a physician about a patient interview, an HR person about possible temp work, and someone to let me know about my tickets to the wine festival tomorrow. All this should have taken place YESTERDAY. It is rude. And it irritates me. Terribly.

WTF...makes some people kind and others not? Specifically, those Facebook friends who couldn't feel compelled to wish me a happy birthday after I sent them birthday greetings? I really feel this world needs a refresher on manners. Good manners and simple kindness just seem to be an afterthought at best these days.

WTF...makes manufacturers of women's clothing put pockets on the chest area of shirts? Most women have some boobs. Pockets are not really an enhancement for this area. Beside, it's not like we need a place to carry my pens or ciggies. That's why we have purses. it with this rainy weather? I know my hubs is going to get pissed at me, but it just started ANOTHER downpour and I need to go get groceries this afternoon. Argg! At least I won't have to worry about getting up early to water the garden in the morning.

Well, I could go on for days, but I have to go waste some of this $$ resume paper sending out to some job prospects. I have a full weekend planned, including seeing one of my most favoritist people--my friend, J., who I will be spending the day with tomorrow touring the wine country of northeast GA. Whee! Have a good one and tune back Sunday for photos of our day of debauchery. Love, Bunch


I.M. Flat said...

In regards to WTF #5....not every woman in the world is as well endowed as you are, dear Bunny. A little extra pocket action in the bust area is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of us are willing to take all the help we can get ;)

Just pick another shirt and leave the bust-enhancing pockets to the poor small-breasted folk.

bunny said...

Dear I.M., I did say MOST women, and regardless, I just think pockets on the chest of a woman's shirt look sorta weirdish, even over smaller slopes. But I am all for a well-placed ruffle or pleat! ;) B