Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

Yo, peeps. It's hot as balls here in the Ga. Yes. That's country. But it's damn true. The hubs and I went outside like an hour ago to finish up the mailbox (which we successfully did! yeah!) and my hair is still DAMP from being outside. DAMP, I tell you. Because I was sweating so badly. At 7:30 at night. Oy.

And, listen, all my Longhorn (that'd be Texas by way of Dallas) peeps, like I said on Facebook, I ain't getting into a pissing match with you about the temps. I have been in Dallas in July. And it was hotter than balls. I can't even describe how hot it was, but it lingered somewhere on the edge of inducing spontaneous combustion. Seriously. I'm just saying it is H. O. T. here. 'Kay? Anyhoodle, I thought I would do a quick Weekend Recap of the past 24 hours, so here we go:
  • We went to pick up a few things today at the Publix, and, you know, I love my local Publix. The people there rock, and because I am such a chatty girl, they all know me. And because they know me, they love me, natch. I had Happy Birthday sung to me by my favorite cashier (out loud, in the middle of the day, and sung quite well!). The customer service boy let me bring in my pool float and he had it blown up. The Apron meals lady and I share cooking tips. Some weeks, the high point of my week is going to the grocery store. It may seem sad to you, but I say seek joy wherever you can find it.
  • The hubs and I watched Taken last night from good 'ol Netflix and it was a such a GOOD movie. One of the best I have seen in a while. I always enjoy a well-crafted action/thriller. Plus Liam Neeson is sorta hot. I think it's the accent.
  • Today, we went to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. I was pleasantly surprised that it was better than I thought it would be. I love Sandra Bullock anyway--I think I could have a girl crush on her, for sure. I was particularly happy the movie opened at #1. Nice to know a woman in her 40's can open a movie. Maybe H-Wood will start making more romantic comedies with older, smart women and hot, young men. Sounds like a plan to me.
  • My hubs is great because he let me talk myself out of doing a proper house cleaning this weekend. "We haven't been here that much," he says, and "The floor looks good to me." Loves him. (I DID clean the toilets with some disinfecting wipes though; Bunny ain't nasty!).
  • It has been an easy cooking weekend, and my latest creation was tres tasty: Chicken Almost Cobb Big Salad.
Spinach and arugula topped with sliced tomatoes, sliced hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, bacon and blue cheese. I forgot to pick up an avocado at the Publix, but it was still very delish!
  • I am on a reading tear and have finished two more books the past few days--The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Summer of My Southern Discomfort. I know the latter was not in my bedside stack, but America's Boy and The Friday Night Knitting Club were so heart-wrenching in their endings, that I needed to slip in a lighter read before I started something else that might be a difficult read, emotionally speaking.
  • I am glad the mailbox proved to not be as difficult as thought. Though we still need to reattach our numbers, at least we can get mail tomorrow. I say "success!"
  • I am excited my nephews are coming to spend a little time with me this week, and I have been preparing for their stay. This is the first time either have spent the night with Aunt Bunny and I hope it goes well. As long as no one ends up in the E.R., I say "success!"
Well, I gots to go peeps. Time to work on some work so I can take a day or so to be with my boys. I will be back soon. I hope. Heck, what the hellz am I talking about? You can't take down the Bunny! Love ya!


Elisabeth said...

still waiting for you to be a "guest blogger" on BBB... any of these latest worthy?

bunny said...

America's Boy would be great, though the topic is somewhat controversial (in these parts, anyway) but Bobs has my copy right now. When I get it back, I will write a review! I don't think the others are worthy but I have a few others coming up that will be, I am sure!