Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Country

At one point, as I stood outside earlier today in the searing heat, I thought of the infamous Britany Spears defense to carrying her child in her lap while driving: "We're country." And I thought that because, hell, we're country. But educated country, I will say.

Today started off with the hubs and I doing our best Laurel & Hardy Home Improvement routine trying to install our new mailbox and post. Of course, we know we suck when it comes to this type of shizz, so we knew it would be a disaster. See, our mailbox post had been wobbly at best for weeks (rotted) and then, on Thursday, the door of our rusty-ish mailbox fell off. Em. Yeah. Country.

So last night, we toted out to the Home Depot and bought a new box and post to the tune of $40. Who knew that shizz cost so much?? Then, with post hole digger in hand, we planted that puppy in the ground this morning. Hell, we even gots out the level and made sure it was all level and such! Then, we put the box together. Then, we realized we in no way at all knew how the hell to attach it to the post. Luckily, we were still standing there cussing and scratching our heads when the postal lady rolled up. Oh well. We have until Monday to get it up.

Then, I worked in the veggie garden. Spreading chicken shit. Literally. Yeah. Country. The veggies needed some fertilizer I thought. (BTW, it's not REAL chicken shit but dehydrated Black the Black Kow). So I spread shit like no there was no tomorrow. Here are a few garden pics:

Behold the Bunny Veggie Patch! This photo was taken from our bedroom window, which gives the best view. Front and right are the "regular" 'maters, peppers in the middle, cukes on the back fence. The cukes are still going to town, and the 'maters are still languishing as far as blooms/fruit, but I am hoping the shit will launch them into gear.

Here are my roma tomatoes. The bare spots are newer plantings. The circled area in the back is my "backup basil" since the basil on my deck was doing so crappy. It's growing like a damn weed in the dirt!

I moved my planters of cherry tomatoes out of the garden and over on the edge of the daylily bed. No big reason, but I needed more room in the garden and they needed more sun.

Here is my harvest for the day--cukes and a few cherries, including the yellow teardrops. The green one fell off when I was moving the 'maters so I decided to keep and hope it will turn.

We worked outside until early afternoon and, I swear, I could feel the sun broiling my skin. I have taken to wearing tank tops outside now (Country. Sorta.) in an effort to combat my bad "farmer tan" (Yep. Country.). I was so dehydrated from sweating, I still don't think I have peed even though I have drank like a gallon of water.

For dinner tonight, I decided that heating up the kitchen was just not necessary, so I made the Panzella salad again. This week, and the rest of summer for that matter, cooking is going to be all about anything that doesn't require heating up the house. Last night, I made this:

I totally pulled this out of my butt....or head..., but basically, it is frozen cheese tortellini (which cooks in 5 minutes stovetop) tossed with chopped salami (which I had in the fridge for another recipe), steamed (in the Ziploc steam bag!) asparagus and a vinaigrette of fresh lemon juice, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Top with grated fresh parm. Easy-peasy and super quick. Very nice chilled today for lunch (we ate room temp-ish last night).

Sometimes, on summer Saturdays, the hubs and I have cocktail hour and I will make a little appetizery dish and we will have drinks--well, I drink alcohol, he has a ginger ale. Today, I served the Trader Joe's white bean hummus with toasted flat bread, and I enjoyed this ready-mix cocktail:

When I went in search of the Tuscan Lemonade, I could not find it. But I did find this. It is an pretty good substitute for now, I must say. Mixed with some fresh mint and lime slices and served super chilled, this mojito is quite refreshing.

So, peeps, I am off to watch the Saturday night movie at Casa Bunny, and spend some quality time with the hubs and girls. Hope you are having a good weekend. Later taters! (Okay. That's kinda country too). B.


Sonya said...

After my own personal mailbox incident a few weeks ago, I may be able to provide a little guidance. Let me know if you need a consultation.

FYI - I found lemoncello at Rabbittown Package. I've asked Celeste to get a bottle for me the next time she's in Italy. She was supposed to go today, but her schedule got changed. I can ask her get another one if you want...let me know about that, too.

Elisabeth said...

I'm jealous of your basil. Mine didn't do squat last year, so I didn't plant any this year. I do have my first two baby, baby tomatoes showing up, though (from seed). We'll see.

bunny said...

S., we may indeed need consultation. We are headed to the H.D. again today and we'll see what happens.

I was actually referring to the Smirnoff fake lemoncello--but the real would be nice. I will talk with you about later.

E., it took me six starter plants, four packs of seed and lots of cussing to get the basil I have now. For all the money I have spent, it would have been cheaper (probably) to buy as I needed it! :)