Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ten Things for Thursday

Peeps. I was gonna have a Hump Day Holler yesterday, but it turned out to be a shitty day. Yes. Shitty. So, without much more ado and because there ain't much going on here at Casa Bunny, I decided to do another top ten list:

1) The DOL (that would be Department of Labor), though difficult to contact, is surprisingly chock full of good information when it comes to job searching. While I don't agree with all their ways and reasonings, I must admit that my "reemployment sessions" (of which I attended #2 today) are (somewhat) helpful.

2) I have been without a watch for well over a month. My last watch died so, rather than purchase a new one, I decided to have an older, good watch repaired. I picked it up today. However, it seems I have "untrained" my brain to look at my left wrist.

3) I am trying to figure out how I could turn this blog into a money maker. So many authors seem to start with a blog and then parlay it into a book deal or something bigger. Of course, I suppose first I have to make it non-anonymousy. Or maybe I should just go into some other kind of business. Someone please find a rudder and give me direction!

4) I am looking forward to spending the day with my sis and her sons tomorrow. We have planned an afternoon at IKEA, followed by a slumber party complete with movie and popcorn. Should be a blast. Or a disaster.

5) I am planning on putting together a cookbook of fave recipes from the Bunny, my fams and my friends. I have been wanting to do this project for years, so I am excited. I figure by making a public declaration, I will have to complete it. And, just so you know, it's what you all are getting for a gift for any occasion over the next year (or until I am employed).

6) I have had way too little sleep this week and am tremendously tired and feel like I am getting a summer cold. That would suck totes. Early to bed tonight!

7) We finally, hopefully, are going to have our gutters put on next week, the final piece of the remodel. 16 months from conception and counting.

8) Yesterday was for shit because I found out I was passed over for a job, again, and someone else close to me lost their job. When will this end?

9) Luckily, before the shitty-ness started in the evening, I was able to spend another wonderful afternoon with Bobs by the pool. Suck it if you don't understand. All I can say is that when I got home, before I saw the email and got the call, I actually sorta felt relaxed and happyish, which made it worth every minute. After all, I could die tomorrow, and no one would care if I was working or not, but I would look great all tan against the white satin of the coffin. :)

10) I love you all for reading my blog. Thanks, B


Elisabeth said...

LOVE the cookbook idea, and I'm all for you going public!

Sorry about the job scene... I wish I could help!

bunny said...

Hey! Maybe I could SELL copies of the cookbook! Nope. That would probably be a copyright infringement issue.

Thanks for the support. As I tell people, some days are better than others. Yesterday--well, this WEEK, has been not so better.