Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ten Things for Thursday

Yes, peeps, this is what it has come to. Life at Casa Bunny is such a snooze-fest this week that I had to make up a stupid list of stupid shizz just to entertain. I really didn't think you or the Bun could handle another "I am working, I am looking for work and I am searching for freelance work" post. So, here is my Ten Things for Thursday:

1. The bra I have on is eating me alive. Seriously. I think I may throw it in the trash when I take it off later. You would think after all these years, someone, somewhere, could design a boob trap that is supportive AND comfortable. (And, yes, I know I am well-endowed, but this makes the search WORSE. Trust me.)

2. I cleaned a bunch of fuzzy produce out of the fridge today and it made me feel so wasteful. However, at least I can now throw the fuzzy produce on the compost pile so it can go back into the ground. I was especially pissed to throw away almost a whole container of strawberries. Sigh.

3. I am glad I did not have to eat another pork meal tonight. The BBQ leftovers from surprise b-day were good and all, but I was over it. I don't do leftovers well.

4. I wonder if the couple behind me in line at Sams today were having a party or just drunks. They have FIVE SUITCASES of Miller Lite. First, that shizz is just nasty. Second, where do you store all that--a second fridge?

5. I spent part of the day with Bobs yesterday, hanging out at his townhouse complex pool. It didn't cost me shizz and I don't feel a bit bad about it. I finally realized, probably a little too late, that I should ENJOY a little of this time off, even if I didn't choose it. After all, Bun has been working for 25 YEARS without a lengthy sabbatical. That's a long damn time. And I have that many more to work probably. So, yeah. I'm going take a little time out of searching and working from here on out to have a little fun.

6. That said, I am making a list of more low cost, high fun things I can be doing until I get a job. Any ideas??

7. My face is so broken out, I look like a sad, hormonal teen. Acne at 40? SUCKS. HARD.

8. I made a great meal tonight, and it was all cooked in the microwave. London broil (from Sams), Simply Potato garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Easy-peasy and on the table in 15. There is really no reason people cannot have a good dinner every night. Word.

9. I haven't had a beer all week. Or a cocktail. No shizz.

10. I have been sleeping so great the past few night--deep and dreamless and long. And I have no clue why.

Well, the hubs is taking me for ice cream with my last b-day coupon (buy a cone, get a cone free at Brusters). Hopefully, the weekend will be a tad more exciting. Be back soon! B


Robin said...

I threw strawberries away today also. I heard the little cash register in my head as I put them in the trash can. I have no compost heap. Sigh.

Sonya said...

If you figure out the reason for the spectacular sleep, please pass it along. I've been finding the opposite to be true lately. Can go to sleep, but wake up in the middle of the night and never recover....very strange. My usual sleep issue is not going to sleep in the first place.

bunny said...

R, yes, the cash register rings even louder when you are on a budget. I was really mad because I could have cut them up and put them in the freezer if I had JUST BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.

S, I really have no clue. No exercise. No cocktails. Maybe it is just getting old(er).