Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pretty in Pictures

Dudes. I am tuckered. Yesterday was a long but extremely stimulating day, as in mentally, emotionally and physically. And I have tasty visual samples to share, so let's get to it.

Before I left for my journeys, I spent a little time in the garden. Finally, one of my cherry tomatoes is starting to change color. Hellz yes.

Honestly, I was not sure if this was a weed or a real flower, but the hubs tells me it is called stokesia (stow-key-sha). It is a beautiful shade of deep lavander, whatevs it is.

Oh, and the daylilys? Are blooming like crazy. They peak around Father's Day. So, so lovely. This bed is one of two in the backyard. I will try to take more as they peak. Now onto the trip to the Northeast Georgia mountains.

A friend and I decided a while back to go to the wine country of Lumpkin County this weekend. Turns out, two wineries were hosting festivals yesterday. First, we stopped by Frogtown Cellars. This view is from the porch of the house across some of the vineyards.

Frogtown Cellars definitely received top points for best structure. Lovely landscaping, large elegant-ish building with wrap-around porch, separate pavilion for tastings/light lunch. Great place for a wedding or party.

Then we moved onto festival no. 1 at Blackstock Winery. I didn't think photos of tents and wine were very interesting, but the vistas here? Breathtaking.

Yup. Blackstock def wins top honors for stunning views.

Another sweeping vineyard view. We also decided later that this festival, by far, was our fave. As my friend noted, the wines were more "serious" and the food, from local restaurants, was delish. I would make plans to come again. [Hey, J., if you are reading, do you want to consider making it an annual pilgrimage? :) ]

Just for fun, here is a baby bunch of grapes, which one day will be a lush fruit, stomped to make a tasty treat.

Next, we moved onto Three Sisters Winery. We didn't realize, but all three wineries were within 2 or 3 miles of each other. Three Sisters was the site of wine festival no. 2, which was a little disappointing. See these poor horses? They were required to haul around a bunch of fat-assed drunks in a wagon in the broiling heat. I wanted to set them free.

Three Sisters is located in a valley, so the vistas are not nearly as spectacular, however, I did think this view was nice. I am a sucker for an old, rusty barn and a gnarly tree.

Since festival no. 2 was sorta a bust, my friend decided we should go on a scenic drive. This stop was Helton Falls, which is in Union County. A short, quick walk, it is actually two falls. This photo is of the upper falls....

....And this photo is of the lower falls. With all the recent rain, they were quite full and really rush-y. You all know the Bunny loves her water--the beach, a river, a lake, falls--I just like the sensory experience provided by moving water.

We then went on a short genealogical tour of my friend's fam. It was quite interesting and made me think about researching my own family tree. I need one more project, right?? Anyhoodle, this photo was a country church graveyard with lots of cool old tombstones. Bun also loves an old graveyard. My fave is Bonaventure in Savannah, which is like the granddaddy of historic graveyards.

So, that was a sample of the day, which brought to a close my birthday week. Now, I must go tend to my slightly sunburned d├ęcolletagee and farmer-tanned arms. So I am off like a heard of turtles--be back soon! Love, B

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