Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Day with the Boys

Yesterday, my sis and I made plans to spend the days together and, because the day was looking like it would end about rush hour traffic time, my sis invited me to spend the night at their home, which is about an hour south of mine.

So, I mosied down yesterday morning and we headed off. Her sons, A. who is 8 and M. who is 6, were at football and art camp, respectfully, so we swung by their school to pick them up. A. apparently had a glorious morning, making four touchdowns but enduring a kick to the hip, a jammed finger and a shiner on his nose.

The good news is, after his nose caught the ball, the ball fell into his hands and he made one of his touchdowns. A. will be the smart AND athletic one--he likes to win and he will be successful in everything he does. You know, the quarterback who is also the valedictorian. I just hope he remembers to have fun along the way as well. If not, Aunt Bunny will be there to remind him.

M. made some amazing pieces of art at camp, reinforcing the belief that he will be the sensitive, creative one.

Though he falls into pouting and crying a little TOO easily sometimes, he is a sweet, honest child who is curious about everything. He is the storyteller, in a good way, weaving elaborate tales of things he has seen and childhood fantasy. And his current gap-tooth grin, combined with his lethal left dimple, just slay me.

Yesterday continued to reinforce what I am becoming more and more acutely aware of--time is slipping away so fast and I have been missing too much of life. While I want to find a job, as a friend told me, a job is just something you have to do so you can do the things you want to do. I think I have worried too long missing out on a "career" and making enough money, but I didn't worry I was missing out on so many other things. That's all changing for me.

After picking up the boys, we headed for IKEA, which I have not visited in a long, long time (January? December? I was still employed....) Anyhoodle, I didn't buy much--a few frames for some artwork I have needed to get up, a few kitchen utensils--but I did fall in LURVE with these:

IKEA has these new super cool backlighted glass panels--I think they may call them "wall lights" or "wall lamps." LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

I have been trying to decide where in my house I could put one. I tell you, if it was 14 years ago and we were getting married, I would be furnishing my house at IKEA. It is cool, fun, hip, colorful--everything I like to think I am and want to be.

After IKEA, it was way to hot (104 degrees is what the car temp said!) to go to the pool, so we stayed in and played Wii and Aunt Bunny actually WON--trouncing the boys in bowling but miserably losing in golf and baseball. Then, to dinner (wings! beer! no, not for the boys) and home for movie: Paul Blart, Mall Cop, a perfect caper for adolescent boys full of silly, physical humor and slightly off-color jokes for the adults.

After I left this morning, I did a quick run by Trader Joes--and I should have a few things to share with you from there soon-- and ran a few other errands and then home for chores. So, I better get back to it. Never enough time, but you know what? If the floor doesn't get mopped this week, so be it. I will always have memories made yesterday. Word.

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Janice said...

And those memories will get you thru anything. Those boys love you and that is what life is all about.You are a great aunt. Be sure to always remind them to enjoy and have FUN. Mom