Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Which I FINALLY Cook Some Shizz

Yo, yo, peeps! After a week full of pork leftovers, I FINALLY actually managed to cook something up this weekend. First, I made our maiden fruit crumble of the year Friday night. As you know, I was all into making cobblers this spring, but thought I'd change it up with some crumble.

I intro'd this crumble last summer--it is an Everyday Food recipe (you KNOW if it's Martha, it MUST be good!), but I took more step-by -step photos this time, PLUS I am giving you the link:

First, mix your berries with sugar, lemon juice and flour. The recipe calls for blackberries, but I made a mixed berry with blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. So, throw caution to the wind and, you know, get all creative and shizz with your berry choice. Or use stone fruits. Peach crumble! Apple crumble! The possibilities are endless, I say.

Next, mix sugar, butter and cinnamon--a dark brown pool of goodness.

Then, add in some rolled oats and crumbled sugar cookies and stir well to coat nicely. Mmmm! Smells heavenly!

Place your fruit in ramekins or the baking dish of your choice. Again, the recipe calls for 4 small ramekins; I used 2 larger ones (because it's just two of us and we're hogs) or you could probably double the recipe and use a small (9x9ish) baking dish. Again, do what suits you. FYI, I place my dishes on a foil-lined baking sheet for easy cleaning of potential boil-overs.

Spoon and spread the topping over the fruit and bake for about 20 minutes. SO GOOD esp. with a nice side if 'nilla ice cream. Delish!

Yesterday, even though my arse was dragging the ground hard, I decided to make a new recipe for dinner--Italian Panzanella Salad. This recipe is another Everyday Food (now, I ain't no huge fan of Martha, but the recipes are usually simple and tasty, so I can't really complain). Panzanella is a bread salad originating from Italy that is served mostly in summer months. I have read it was created as a way for peasants to use up stale bread. I have eaten it before but never made it. Had I known how easy and tasty it is, I would have rectified that mistake sooner.

First, cube some slightly stale bread. Country or Italian bread is good for this part. Oh, and use an electric knife. Trust me on this one. I ALWAYS (and possibly only) use my electric knife to cut bread. Only way to do it and not sever a finger.

Next, add diced plum tomatoes (I used grape tomatoes, halved, 'cause it was what I had) and thinly sliced red onion.

Top that with thinly sliced cukes and cubed cheese (the recipe calls for provolone; I used fresh mozzarella because, again, it was what I had. Don't be afraid to change it up!)

For the dressing, whisk together red wine vinegar, olive oil, fresh basil (I used purple and green because...well, you know), salt and pepper.

Then I transferred all the "stuff" to a bigger bowl. Word to the wise: Use a big bowl upfront. This recipe makes A LOT. Add in two cans of white kidney beans (I think this could be optional depending on what you are serving it with--the beans make it a meal in itself; I served it with cold roasted chicken so I could have left out the beans). Pour the dressing over and toss (I used my hands--I felt so rustic!).

I did not read that this needed to refrigerate so it only sat about 20 minutes before we ate, but it was still good. We ate leftovers today for lunch and the bread is good and soggy second day, FYI, but the flavors are better melded. I will def be making this again--esp. when tomatoes start coming in--and can see changing up the cheese (feta! crumbled parm!) and other add-ins (olives! capers!).

Today, the hubs and I entertained his fams for my final birthday celebration. Yes, bow down. I AM the master of the 2-week birthday. We ate--you guessed it--more pork and we have tons for more leftovers so again, I don't know how much cooking will be done the next few nights. Anyhoodle, I am off to go have a little rest and read. I am almost finished with a new book so I will share soon. XO, B

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