Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Don't Know What the Hell to Title This Post

....and I am too tired to figure it out. Blah, creativity, blah! Peeps, I don't know why, but I am still profoundly tuckered. Maybe because I have spent the past two days chasing my tail? Anyhoodle, I have good news! It looks like Bunny may be getting some temp work, starting as early as next week! Now, it ain't a perm job, but it is money and, hey, money is money. Righto. And, who knows, maybe it will turn into something full time. So, more on that as soon as I know more.

Yesterday was spent catching up on freelance work and job applications, both goals which were achieved. Today, was more work and two work meetings--one for freelance, one for the temp position. Other than that, there is not a terrible lot of exciting stuff going on at Casa Bunny, dudes. But I do have some pretty garden porn pics:

This pic is the OTHER clematis, which is a gorgeous shade of purple.

This pic is looking up from our lower yard, over two beds of blooming daylilys. This photo does not do it justice--in person, it is SO colorful, almost breathtaking.

Here is one of my fave daylilys which is a pretty deep coral with a bright lemon center.

And the hydrangeas in the side yard are also going to town. They are just busting out all over.

I don't have lots to report on cooking, peeps. Saturday, we went to dinner with my friend at the local Thai joint. Sunday was my surprise party. And, dudes, we had SO MUCH leftover food! The hubs got BBQ and brunswick stew and all my peeps who came brought all kinds of delish food--potato salad, pasta salad, yummy stuff, yummy stuff. So, last night, we had potato salad (yum, E!) and pork sandwiches. Tonight, we had the pasta salad above (yum, Bobs!) topped with Bunny grilled chicken (first time using the grill this year!). And we still have PLENTY more. So, yeah, it's great because Bunny has not had to cook but there is nothing to share with youse guys. Next week, ok?? I promise. Cross my heart!

So, I finished a book--While My Sister Sleeps--which was pretty good, and other than that, I have been perusing fashions mags supplied by my sis. And my new favorite song? Come On, Get Higher by Matt Nathanson. I know it is not a new song, but I like the saucy, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Right now, I am listening to Annie Lennox, The Saddest Song I've Got, and, boy, that's a great song. Seriously. I don't lurves her like the hubs, but she does have a mesmerizing voice.

Well, I am off to apply for more jobs. Have a great week and I will be back sooner rather than later. XO, Bunch


Elisabeth said...

ahhhh... day lilies.... I've got several varieties blooming, too. So pretty! Thanks to your hubs! Since this is the first year, they aren't as full as yours, but they are still a much needed burst of color to the yard! You'll see next week!

ctflack said...

I need the recipe to that potato salad at your party. It was so good.

bunny said...

CT, that was made by Elisabeth. I will email her and get her to send. It was good! Bun