Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Am So OVER Home Improving

GAH! The hubs and I have spent the whole day painting. Again. GAH! I liked to pretend it was all behind me, but I knew it was just pretend because the stoop and deck door still needed to be finished. So, we got up early and got at it. And, by God, we got 'er done.

As a reminder, here is the stoop before, apres rock but still with naked cedar column and trim.

Here is the stoop after (forgive the photo quality--my hand was probably shaking because I was weeping with joy!)--we stained the column and trim the same shade as the cedar siding and painted red accents, the same color red as the front door.

The red accents were the two bands on the column (a very Arts & Crafts touch, btw) and the stoop roof. Of course, it took FOREVER because we had to tape everything and still had boo-boos. In case I haven't told you lately, I hate painting. HATE. IT. Anyhoodle, for future reference Mr. Clean Magic Eraser WILL indeed remove paint from just about anything including natural stone and vinyl siding. That damn thing is a miracle product. Word.

Here is the deck door before, which the hubs primed MONTHS ago. MONTHS before the monsoon rains of late winter/ spring.

Here it is after--well almost. One more coat and touch up needed. Trim in high gloss dark bronze (same as cedar stain) and interior frame in pebblestone clay (color of house trim). Nice colors, but steel doors? Are a BITCH to paint.

In between coats (while waiting to dry), I planted my vegetable seedlings. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER NEVER plant veggies from seed again. What a waste of time and money. I hope they do well, but it was a pain in the arse. Seriously. I know you get more variety, but it's just not worth it, I think.

Now, I am sunburned, stinky, dirty and covered in paint smears. I need a warm shower and a cold glass of wine. Yes, indeedy. That alcohol sabbatical will be broken tonight. So I am off like a heard of turtles (because I am already starting to get sore--you know I am old now, right??). The hubs did offer to take me out to dinner, but I have a good meal planned and I really don't feel like putting on makeup, so I guess we will be in. I will report on meal in a later post. Tomorrow, we are celebrating b-day with the hub's fam--his sis' b-day is also in June so we split the difference and celebrate together.

Later taters--be good! J


Robin said...

Everything looks really great! I know you are glad for it to finally be over!
BTW it's a "herd" of turtles--that is one of my MIL's favorite expressions, passed down to Bill. It always makes me giggle. The mental picture is hilarious!

bunny said...

I've been up since 7:30 am and painting for NINE HOURS--give me a grammar break! Jeez. Anyhoodle, it ain't over 'cause we still gots to get gutters. That will be the end of this month. THEN, I think, it will be over (for now).

Anonymous said...

Looking good. Ya'll have worked so hard. You deserve alcohol.

blackbird said...

I really like your house!

bunny said...

Thanks, BB! The hubs and I underwent a major remodel (room addition, new roof, siding, windows, door, etc.) last year and now, almost a year later, we are finally finishing. You can see an early before and after here:

We went from ranch to arts & craft cottage. It has been a long haul and I will be glad when I have a weekend that doesn't involve sanding or painting or priming or some other remodel chore. :)