Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Friday

Thank the Lord! It's finally Friday. I know, I know, technically, every day is Friday for me physically, but mentally, I give myself the weekend off and try not to think TOO much about all the shizz going on with the job and such.

Anyhoodle, yesterday, two of my girlfriends and I decided to take a (long overdue for me) trip down to the DFM (that would be Dekalb Farmer's Market) and then have an early dinner. On the way, I wheedled my friend S. into taking my by the W-S so I could spend the gift certificate that was burning a terrible hole in my linty pockets. If you remember, my sis and her fams gave me a W-S GC for the b-day. And here's what I gots:

A Wusthof paring knife! Whee! Now I have the triumvirate of cutlery from Wustof: a chef, a utility and a paring. This paring knife is called a "sheep's foot" and I chose it because, according to W-S, "the size and shape of this knife provide just the right amount of leverage for small chopping and mincing jobs, while guaranteeing the accuracy needed for trimming, peeling and paring." Sounds like a plan to me! I also had a return of another gift and picked up this little gem, as well:

Apparently it was just put out yesterday so it is BRAND NEW but I am seeing lots of slaw, hashbrowns and potato pancakes in our future. I also picked up this pan this week with the remainder of my b-day money from my bro and his fams:

I know, I know! I have lauded my IKEA grill pan here for'eva, and I still do lurves it, but I decided to upgrade to the Caphalon model only because I have about lurved my IKEA pan to death....and because this one was a stealy-dealy at the W-S outlet! My IKEA pan is all crusty and the non-stick is chipping off and I thought this version might be more sturdy and hold up better to my use and abuse. I am holding onto the IKEA though until I have a chance to judge this one. And judge I will, you don't worry! I WILL be reporting back.

So ends my culinary birthday of salt & pepper grinders, knives, graters, casseroles, wine glasses and grill pans. It was all good and has me all prepped for lots of good eats in the months to come.

Anyhoodle, back to the DFM. We perused the aisles and I purchased some produce and such. My friend S. was a DFM virgin and was a wee bit overwhelmed. You have that feeling the first time. Trust me. And we didn't even see but half of it. S. was, however, properly impressed with the prices and selection, so we shall be going again sometime in the near distant future.

After the DFM, S. and E. and I went to nearby Decatur and, on the recommendation of another friend, dined here:

Brick Store Pub. Y'all, I was so PISSED I forgot my camera, because this place was SO pic worthy! All exposed brick, heavy wood door, folk arty, stained glass, cool waitstaff, etc. I stole this shot from their website. The good news is my friends and I loved it enough that we plan to go back, so I will not make the no-camera mistake again. Lots of great beers too, of which I chose the beer of the day:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Shugga'. Yo. You gots to know anything with the words "bourbon" and "shugga" in it has gots to be good. This beer was specially made for the Pub's 12th anniversary. Here is the (edited) descrip from the card: "The flavor profile consists of wall-to-wall caramel malt coated with brown sugar and toffee pudding, and drizzled with caramel syrup. Bourbon, vanilla and wood tannins are present from the barrel aging process. Words like viscous, velvety and luxurious come to mind. Pure-liquid poetry." (yes, E. and S.--I STOLE the card when you were not looking. I didn't say anything because I did not want to involve you in my crime.)

Y'all. Pure liquid poetry, indeed. This beer is swoon-worthy, from both the exceptional flavor (Which I have been dreaming of every since....I am in pure lust. Seriously. It may be the best beer to ever cross Bunny's lips.) AND the alcohol content, which was a woozy 9.5%.

To top it off, the Brick Store food was simple but tres tasty and oh-so-affordable. Sadly, as we were leaving, E.'s hubs called to tell us Michael Jackson had died. A reporter today called it "the day the 80's died." So sad.

So, I have to wrap this up--the gutter guys are here putting up our gutters! Woo-hoo! And I have an appointment at the DOL this morning for some resume and interviewing help and I don't want to be late. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend--B. loves you all!


Elisabeth said...

yes, I shall not be incriminated with your crime. but, yum, that was good.

bunny said...

I swear, it was so good, I would consider going back tonight just to have another one...or three...before they run out.