Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Celebration in Celluloid

Actually, celluloid is a thing of the past pretty much, so maybe I should have named this "A Pictorial in Pixels" (check the alliteration!). So, here is the breakdown of Bunny's Three-Day B-Day Fest in Photos:

My moms and dads gifted me with these lovely silver hoops, three super-cool RuMe resuable shopping bags (my moms is all like "I saw Nicole Ritchie carrying one in People!" It's sad that my 69YO moms is trendier than me.) and a gift card to a local store which I am planning to save and use to buy new work clothes when I become employed again.

My sis and her fams gave me these super lovely art glass wine bottle stoppers (you know I love me some pretty art glass!) and a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma. Hellz yes! I see more $10 salt and a Le Creuset grill pan in my future!

My bro and his fams gave me cashola--always the right size and color--which I used part of to purchase me a Le Creuset poterie (fancy word for "casserole") and a new set of wine glasses (I broke a couple of mine and I like these because they are shorter-stemmed and quite sturdy) at Home Goods. Can I testify how much I love me some Home Goods? That? Is a great store. I gots both of these for like $20.

Monday was busy--I had a meeting for networking and a meeting for freelance work (Yeah! and. Yeah!) but Monday night, my BFF B. treated me to a luscious dinner at her pad. She is a super great cook, and made this awesome frittata:

I don't even know what all she put in this--sausage, feta, herbs, shrooms, sundried tomatoes--but it was delish! She made a brunchy-themed meal with berries, breads, cheeses--it was just all good. And, bless her heart, she also broke out the bubbly:

Italian bubbly, even, which we enjoyed with a divinely simple yet delush chocolate cake. B., like me, likes the quirky, so this was my gift:

A pot to piss in! Yeah! She knows what I need! :) Actually, it is a refurbed enamelware piece which could be used in the garden as a bird feeder/bath, planter, candle holder--who knows?? I lurve it. She also gave me a necklace that was sentimental-ly so I will spare you the sap (look at ALL THAT alliteration!). That B. She rocks hard.

So, yesterday, I opted to go to the ATL for lunch and a movie. I had thought about asking for an outside picnic but it was blazing hot, so the hubs and I headed for Maggiano's, which I had been jonesing for.

We had the spinach salad (SO, SO good!) and I got my favorite--the Four-Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Cream Sauce. YUM. MEE. Then, I decided to go whole-hog and we gots the dessert sampler:

Six generous espresso-cupped size portions of their best desserts. From bottom left: Creme brulee, apple crostada, chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate pudding pie and tiramisu. O. M. G. This was worth the trip. And those Maggiano's people! They brought me out some cookies with candles too!

How nice! Those are yummy cookies--lemon with lemon frosting. Nice and tart, just like the Bunny. After Maggiano's, we went to the movies, then home. We were not much hungry for dinner (I cannot imagine why!), so we went out for a light bite, then back to home for prezzies! Let's see what the hubs and girls gave me:

The girls gave me another microplane grater from W-S! These are a tad pricey for a grater but so worth it. They shred like a dream. LOVES!

The hubs gave me battery-operated salt and pepper mills (whee!) and another Wusthof knife! Yeah! He apologized for nothing pretty, but I have lots of pretty stuff I never wear now because I am not working, plus I do love to cook and had been wanting these things. So, it turned out to be a culinary b-day and, really, I cannot complain about that at all.

So, yesterday evening I cracked open a bottle of special brew I had been holding onto to celebrate the final hours of my b-day:

Chocolate Bock, you say? Why, you naughty Sam Adams! I had such high hopes for this--it came highly recommended by a young gentlemen with many tattoos and piercings at an ATL package store.

It was pretty good. Honestly, I liked the New Belgium 1554 as much if not a little better. Oh well, it was nice to try and a nice nightcap for a lovely day.

Did you say night, mama? Good, 'cause I am sleepy and bored with all this birthday mess.

Birthday? Whazz? Where's my prezzies??

Anyhoodle, today I have dedicated myself to getting back on the wholesome, healthy track after much excess, so I am off to exercise. Oh wait. I am going to two wine festivals this weekend. Oh well. I will be good until then. You be good too. Love, B


tiff said...

Where did your hubs get the battery operated s&p?? I have looked everywhere! I covet your b-day present!

Elisabeth said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous bday sans me... I'm glad! Hope you got your bday wishes from the girls. Talk to you soon!

bunny said...

Williams-Sonoma, tiff, my home away from home. Home of culinary wet dreams. If they don't have it there, I don't think they make it.