Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching Up on the Cooking

Peeps! Now that I am doing up BGR a little different, I sometimes forget to post about certain things. Such as cooking. But in all honesty, I haven't been doing a whole lot of new shizz recently. For inst'c, last week I made some old and new standards: Tuna-Orzo salad, steak quesadillas and the shrimp salad I made a few months ago.

But, yo, Bunny has been rockin' the past two days! Yesterday, we had over my moms and pops for Dad Day Dinner and I whipped up some freshness!

After leaving my sis' Saturday, I ran by the local Trader Joe's and purchased these awesome mixed new potatoes--purple, red and gold. I decided to chop and roast for dinner.

I don't think I've ever used a purple potato before, but look! It's purple on the inside too! Kewl! I also cut up some carrots to roast with the 'taters--a last minute addition since they were starting to sprout.

I also bought this pack of mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes at T.J.'s--again, red, gold and purple. I threw them together in a non-lettuce salad of diced cukes (from MY GARDEN! YO!) and diced onion, and drizzled the whole mess with good EVOO and balsamic vinegar and a little peppa and $10 salt.

Here it all it plated with some herb grilled chicken breast. Pretty AND yummy! The 'rents seemed to love and made happy plates, so it was all good. For dessert, my moms picked up the following treat at the Publix:

Fresh fruit cake. O. M. G. This cake was da' bomb! Light, fresh and delish--it was a perfect end to my fresh meal. The "icing" is whipped cream and it has berries, kiwi, peaches, grapes--lordy, lordy, it was so good!

Tonight, I decided to copy my friend B. and whip up a delicious frittata. No recipe here, dudes, just creativity. I will try to give the basics.

First, it helps to have a LARGE oven-proof skillet. Brown a roll of the yummy sage sausage from the Publix. Next, throw in whatever veggies you like or have that are about to go slimy. I chose yellow and orange bell pepper, followed by baby spinach. Cook them all until done to your likeness. Next, beat and pour ten eggs over the meat and veggies. Lastly, dollop the top with your fave cheese--I used feta.

Let the frittata cook on the stovetop until mostly firm but still a little runny on top. Then, pop it under your oven broiler until it is lovely and golden like shown above.

For the side, I also purchased this roll of polenta at T.J.'s Saturday. Bonus: it doesn't have to be refrigerated until open! Slice it in quarter-inchish slices and then throw in a skillet with a little EVOO.

Grill the pieces, liberally doused with S&P, until slightly golden. I never could get mine good and golden--maybe I should have placed under the broiler....

Here it all is plated. I made a "relish" of the leftover heirloom cherries to top the polenta. Y'all, this meal was damn good, if I say so myself. Thanks, B., for the direction.

SNAKE UPDATE: The hubs, in a tizzy of reptilian paranoia, tracked the snake all day yesterday, until he felt he had to kill it. He went out, threw a concrete block at it, got after it with a shovel, but we are not sure he killed it. Let me tell you, it's hard to garden carrying a shovel in anticipation of snake retaliation. But I managed to do it this morning.

BOOK UPDATE: I finished America's Boy by Wade Rouse yesterday. Whew, peeps. What a good tale. I sobbed like a baby--in a good way--the last 30 pages. Now I am a Rouse stalker. I friended him on Facebook even. Word.

Well, I've gots to go--we are off to the dump and to get an ice cream cone. The fun never ends at Casa Bunny, that's fo' shizzle! Oh, yeah, but first, we have to go pick up some dog poop off the floor. Whee.

Later and love, B

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