Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cat Nap

I think I have already shared that K.K.'s favorite outdoor napping spot these days is beneath the Adirondack chair nearest our French doors onto the deck.

She likes to stretch out there in the shade, near her food and water bowls so she doesn't need to travel far for a snack or sip.

She just makes herself comfortable beneath that chair, on those somewhat cooler deck boards.

She looks so sweet, but I am sure she is dreaming of chasing baby bunnies and moles and then playfully torturing them until they wind up love offerings on our front mat.

I envy her careless kitty ways--eat, nap, hunt, eat, nap, hunt.

She has a good life. She is a lucky kitty to have found us. But we are lucky to have found her too.

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