Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bunny Dreams DO Come True

Reviewed by Another entry into the growing market segment of ready-made cocktails, Smirnoff’s Tuscan Lemonade is a definite winner. This isn’t syrupy corn-syrup sludge and requires no doctoring out of the bottle. It’s Smirnoff vodka, limoncello, and lemon juice.

The result: Far better than I could have imagined, a crisp and tart drink that tastes strongly of lemons and has a light touch of limoncello’s signature bitterness. While it’s nothing I’d describe as complex, it’s very refreshing served over ice, it’s incredibly, at a mere 30 proof, surprisingly drinkable, and, last but not least, ridiculously affordable, too.

Thanks to Bobs for introducing me to this gem yesterday. I will be on my counter before the weekend is over, rest assured.


Elisabeth said...

I may have to snag a bottle of that on my way out of town...looks delicious & something that the hubby might like, too!

bunny said...

I cannot WAIT to have a sip! I may pick up some on the way to my sis' for some indulging tonight. Hope it lives up to my mind.