Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bunny Country Safari

Holy Mother of Pearl! We have a big 'ol snake in our yard! The hubs spotted him on the perimeter of my vegetable garden this morning (the mo-fo better stay AWAY from my cukes!) and has been tracking him every since.

We think he is a (harmless) King snake but all we really know is he is black and very, very long. Like six or seven feet.

Personally, I am more scared of poisonous spiders than poisonous snakes (Though I did shot these photos with a zoom. Word.). However, I do wonder if it could eat K.K. But that cat is tough. She killed another baby bunny and left it as a "love offering" on our doorstep last night. Now I am afraid the mother bunny will retaliate and devour my fledgling garden. Of course, that could be how the baby bunny got caught to begin with. To which I say, "get 'em girl!" After all, bunny loyalty only goes so far.


Elisabeth said...

Kings snakes are your friend. Nice pics!

tiff said...

Glad to hear that KK isn't pissed at you anymore!

The hubby and I just got back from a trip to Treasure Cay (Bahamas). There are loads of ugly lizards that hop around and do push ups there. I think reptiles need to stay away! Of course the husband sez they eat mosquitoes so I guess they're not all bad...just gross!