Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And the Birthday Keeps on Coming.....

Hello, hello, hello! Peeps! Whazz up?? Coming at'cha from a fine, if terribly roasty, Tuesday. Yep. It's like 91 here today. Whew. Bunny is melting.

So, since I had like three posts on Sunday, I figured I could skip a day and get back with ya' today. And yesterday, well, Bunny was sorta blue. I think the blue mood was spurred by hormones, and some other being jobless factors, but I just decided to ride the wave of royal and go with it. I cried a little, napped a little, read a little and ate me some candy, because "when shit brings you down, just say 'fuck it,' and eat yourself some motherfucking candy." (thanks, David Sedaris!). Word.

Anyhoodle, at my surprise b-day party, one of my friends, who had been out of town my actual b-day at the beach invited me and another mutual friend to dinner, so we wents last night to her abode. And she threw down some good eats, peeps. Here's the 411:

First, I had taken this friend to my cherished Dekalb Farmer's Market months back, and she bought this wine and had been saving it. It was DELISH. A sparkling red. So unexpected and just lovely. I had several stems.

Next, she served up Pioneer Woman's spinach salad which had enough pork in it to get through Congress (ba-da-boom!). You knows how I like me some pork so it was all good. You also knows I have me a girl crush on the PW, so that made it even better. You can go to her site for the recipe (link above).

For the entree, at my request, we had shrimps & grits. This recipe was from another Charleston restaurant, Magnolia's. Anyone who is a lover of S&G knows there are many different variations of the recipe, even within the same city. For example, this recipe is a roux-based sauce (roux = gravy, the beverage of the South) vs. this recipe I cooked from Hominy Grill a month ago, which was a sauceless mix punched up with loads of garlic and hot sauce. Both are excellent--just depends on what your mouth feels like.

To finish it up, friend made the PW's key lime pie which she swears is tres easy. Now, I am a big fan of the Publix key lime pie, but this tasty treat could give the Publix a run for its money. Seriously. Good amount of tart and tang. Yum. Kudos to the chef is all I have to say. (PS, friend also has a hubs who is a professional photog, hence the lovely food photos which put Bun's to sad shame). I also gots some more gifties. First, I was gifted these lover-ly ear baubles:

Pretty! I love lapis and have nothing in it, so I think these are da' bomb. I don't know if my friend knew this but lapis lazuli is considered a stone of universal truth and friendship. Kewl!

My dinner-cooking friend gave me this 6-pack (among other treats). Can I TELL you how excited I am to try this?? You all know I love me some Pete's Strawberry Blonde so I will be interested to see how this compares. Rest assured I will do a thorough and full review.

Today has been kinda crazy--early morning errands, networking call, interview :) at lunch, but for a part-time position. :( I also took the K-ster for her annual "summer cut" today. Boy, is she now kitty-pissed at me:

She won't even look at me. We do this every year once it gets and stays warm. Her long-hair gets so matted and full of gunk and she will not tolerate a good combing without drawing blood. Yo. I have to think she feels cooler anyways.

Well, gots to go. We are entertaining one of the hub's former teachers who he remains close with tonight. She sorta scares me--she is a former English teacher and quite proper and very into holistic/natural lifestyle. Ya'll know I am all about the beer, butter and bacon. However, I think she will like what I have made. I will fill you in on the deets later.

Be good, or be good at it! Bunch

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Elisabeth said...

Do let us know about the beer... when Scott saw it, he thought it was for him! Thought it looked like something he'd like...