Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Weather is For Crap. Seriously.

Y'all. I just don't know if I can STAND IT anymore. This weather. Oy. Grey. Rainy. Drizzly. Overcast. I have the SAD. And I mean feelings of unhappy AND seasonal effective disorder, all rolled into one. I KNOW I keep posturing about how much we need the rain, but I am here to announce that I am officially OVER THIS WEATHER. I am not saying "hot." I just need some sun. My garden needs some sun. My new composter needs some sun. The good news is next week looks sunny and warmish all week. Which is really, really good. Because I don't need this shizz on the b-day, 'kay??

Anyhoodle, I gots my list all done yesterday--I know you are proud. Then I stayed up way too late working on stuff. Sometimes nighttime is just the right time for me. I tend to be tired or inspired. Can go either way.

Since there hasn't been much going on at Casa Bunny, I will continue to share my food pics, because, really, that's about all I gots these days. I am SURE you are so tired of me blithering on about my loss of job, job search, freelance work search, etc. so I am trying to tone that down and make it more fun here at BGR. I will, however, continue to post big job happenings. After all, it is BUNNYgoround. And I am Bunny.

So Bobs gave me a few of these (he knows someone who knows someone who works for the company or something like that) and they have been in my fridge for a while, and about a week or so ago, I finally cracked one open. O.M.G. peeps! It's so GOOD. I am not sure you can see, but this flavor is pina colada and, by God, it tastes just like one. I have been thinking it would be great to add some rum then freeze it slushy. The downside? These things have about way to many calories. Which is why they are tasty, I am sure.

Here is the second offering I procured in the line-up of New Belgium beers. I did some intel and these beers are made in CO and have just recently become available in the GA. Whee! Again, love the wit and artwork of the label. Let's zoom in for a close-up:

Organic wheat beer brewed with spices, you say? Shut your piehole! How good must that be?

Sadly, not very. I have to say this flava' was the one I was most excited about, but it did not live up to my build-up. It is more, to me, like a weak pale ale. See the color? Yeah, sorta urine-y. Oh, well. Onto the next one--I will report back soon. Promise.

So last night, I decided to make Tuna Noodle Casserole again. You might remember I made this back over a month ago, and I thought I would try it again before it was too hot for comfort food. At least all this dreary weather is letting me get my final comfort food jones on. So, here's the breakdown, which I don't think I did last time:

Saute some diced onion and celery in butter. Niiiiiice.

Add the creamy ingredients--milk, cream of mushrooms soup, mayo (yes, but it's not bad at all!) along with the drained tuna.

Stir in mushrooms (I use fresh--those canned ones are like little bits of rubber) and parsley. Pretty!

Toss with the noodles. I changed it up and used small shells this time instead of traditional egg noodles. I am SO adventurous.

Pour all into a casserole and top with panko crumbs and cook until goldeny good. One note: I forgot when served this all looks sorta beige. That's the downside. I think last time I thought I might add some carrot for color but I forgot that part. It was still yummy and the hubs lurves, so all is good. It's super easy and fast. If you want the recipe, let me know--I actually sorta made my own of a couple of different recipes.

Well, I am off to exercise. All this hoggish eating isn't doing my fat arse any favors. Plus, I am going for a follow-up doc appointment today and when she asks if I have been exercising, I can truthfully say "why yes! just this morning!."

Be good or be good at it! Bunch

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