Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Tale of Two Vodkas

So, yesterday, I went to the package store to purchase a new bottle of citrus vodka (see yesterday's BGR post). As I walked the vodka aisle, I noticed there was two distinct pricing options: "Brand" vodkas (Smirnoff, Absolut, Grey Goose, etc.) at $17++ or "No-Name" vodkas at $7 or so. As I looked at both, I thought, "Those snooty brand vodkas, they just think they're better, but I'll bet it's no different!" After all, Bunny is on a budget, natch, and has to count her pennies.

But, worried I would be sorry and sad to purchase a no-name, I decided to ask Mr. Package Store Man what the difference was, if any. "Well," he says, "The more expensive ones are made from potato, the cheaper from grain." Shut up! Seriously?? "So, the cheaper is basically white lightin', is what your sayin'?" asks B. "Yep," replies Mr. PSM.

Wow. Just when I think I know everything, I learn something new. And I must pass along to you, my loyal readers, so you too will be "in the know."

So which one did I buy? Well, having had an opportunity in my life to sample white lightnin', and knowing it can strip your esophagus of its lining as well as strip the paint off a house, I decided to go with the Brand, BUT a less expensive one. Moral of this cautionary tale? Sometimes brand really IS better. Unless you are painting a house.

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