Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stormy Weather....

Yep. It's kicking up a storm outside, peeps. So, I guess I better not dally too long, or Bunny may be having even MORE computer issues (cross myself, spit in the wind). Seriously, it has been a long day, and the Bun is pooped, but more on that in a minute.

First, yesterday I stuck to my promise and did a whole bunch of nothin'. Yep. I gots up yesterday morning, tooled around the house a bit, worked in my office a little (I am purging all my ex-job stuff; since I worked from home, I had accumulated quite a bit of work-related crappola that is pretty much all on its way to the local landfill. Good riddance and onto the new, I say!). It has been a long slog--cleaning out always is, of course. Then, I laid around on the bed all afternoon, reading and napping. I would be lying if I didn't say it was HEAVEN. And I needed it. And I felt a lot better this morning. Which was good because Bunny and hubs had big plans.

So, guess what? We gots up this morning and went to church. And, no, before all you smarty-pants ask, we did NOT erupt in flames nor did the doors blow off. Actually, Bun has reacquainted with a high school chum on Facebook who is now a Methodist minister at a church about an hour away. So we went to her service, then had lunch with her fams. It was quite delightful, I must say. And it put me in the mood to get off our duffs and start back to church.

So, after doing a whole bunch of nothin' yesterday, then doing a whole bunch of going today, I was a little pooped by the time we gots home. Yep. No cleaning or working or searching for a job tonight. Damn skippy.

When we gots home, the hubs, however, did get busy and hung our shelves on the sad wall which had nothing on it. Here he is in action:

That hubs. I know I say he is not all that handy, but he can do some hanging, dudes. Professional skillz. Word. Anywho, I will take another pic when we get those suckers filled up with stuff.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, it's been sorta a boring cooking weekend, heavily weighted with red meat. Last night, was Steak Saturday--we had steaks grilled in the trusty IKEA grill pan, roasted potatoes and a salad of greens, strawberries, pecans and blue cheese.

Tonight, I made steak quesadillas (yes, AGAIN! So SUCK IT! I had produce and tortillas that were on the fringe of bad!) which were quite yummy. I usually make chicken or just veggie. I also made the homemade guac which I served with my fave Publix chips. Here is the steak, again in the trusty IKEA grill pan, with peppers and onions:

Quesadillas are such an easy meal. Obs, right?? Oh, dudes, and here is another new favorite:

You know I loves me some creamer and this International Series is 'da bomb! First, the Italian Cream, then the Parisian Almond, and now the Belgium Chocolate Toffee. And it is SO AWESOME in the mocha java coffee I bought at the Farmer's Market. Um, hellz yes, that's some good shizz right there!

Here is a funny photo of the girls underfoot while I am cooking, waiting for a morsel to drop. They get RIGHTBYTHESTOVE and it worries the crap out of me that they are going to get a serious burn. Not to mention the NUMEROUS times they have tripped me. Note to self: When we remodel the kitchen, put on a Dutch door!

What I'm Listening To:
My friend mentioned in service today a song by Third Day, Cry Out to Jesus. So I am listening to it. It is a great song. I have not listened to it in a long time, but it touches your heart.

What I'm Reading:
During my siesta yesterday, I finished Very Valentine! I know you are pleased, and I was as well. Her best book since Big Stone Gap. Now, I have started Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter.

What's on My Mind:
Well, I have shaking, panting girls surrounding me (whew! the breath! help me!) so I guess I better go see if I can get them calmed down. Oy. Just hope they don't have nervous tinkle.

Be back later, peeps! Have a great week, B

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