Friday, May 08, 2009

Spring into the Weekend

Dudes, look! I have reverted to the warm weather background for BGR! Now that the temps are heading up and the days are longer, I thought a change to the lighter colors was needed. In another BGR change-up, I have added a list of some of my favorite blogs on the left. Just sayin'. Bun's steppin' up her game.

On another note, I realized I missed my blogging anniversary! April 13 was the 1 year anniversary of BGR. Not that I have had anything on my mind or anything, but I am a little sad I missed it. Happy Anniversary to BGR! Let's toast with an early afternoon cocktail. After all, it is Friday. And that's how I roll.

So, yesterday evening, the hubs and I went to the rain barrel making class. Since our area has been in a severe drought for years--well until the last six months when it's been practically like a monsoon (no doubt because we were remodeling)--we needed to come up with a way to water the garden, so here is one way:

First, guess what these puppies are?? Former Coke syrup barrels! No shizz! So props to Coca-Cola for supporting this program. Now, let me step up on my soap box: (ahem) Peeps, you all need to be doing your best to conserve water, which is a finite resource. Turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth. Put aerators in your faucets. Get a rain barrel. Heck, as of this morning, I started putting a bucket in the shower to catch the water during warm up and I already have a few inches! And that was with a low-flow shower head (which Bun installed last year). That water is great to water deck plants! Anywho, I will step down now. So, yeah, those barrels are pretty white BUT you can spray paint them so, yeah, we'll be doing that. Dark brown, I think. Here's a few more garden pics:

Remember the lantana I cut to the ground like a month ago? Yeah, here it is. The M-F monster lantana. No shizz. What the hell is in that soil? Actually, I think that is fairly near our septic tank....nothing like a little shit to make things grow.

And look-y! My basil is coming up! Hell to the yes!

So other than that, things have been pretty quiet around Casa Bunny. But this weekend, well, that's another story. As soon as I get off here, I have about one million and one things to do. Tomorrow night we are having late breaking Cinco de Mayo celebration at Bobs. Sunday we are hosting Mom Day at Casa Bunny. Oy.

What I'm Cooking:
Ok, on Hump Day, I TOTALLY redeemed myself for the debacle of Monday with some mother-effin TAS-TEE shrimps & grits! I gots the recipes out of Southern Living.

First of all, this recipe is supposedly from Hominy Grill in Charleston, which is one of our MOST FAVE spots eva'! When we went to Charleston a few years ago, we ate there TWICE and we drove over to Charleston from Hilton Head after that JUST TO EAT THERE. It's that good. So no surprise this recipe was delish.

First, cook up some bacon. Any recipe that starts with bacon has got to be good. Word.

Next, start your grits and, when done, whisk in a hella hunk o' cheese. Actually, I cut the cheese a little from the recipe and it was still quite tasty.

Next, pull together the seasonings--lemon juice, green onion, garlic and hot sauce. Can I just say that the hot sauce added a great tang to the yumminess??

Next, saute up some 'shrooms and shrimps and dump in all the seasonings, then add back in the bacon.

Here it is plated--pretty and so, so good, peeps. Shrimps and grits is a favorite of the hubs and he was well pleased. We had LOTS of leftovers, too. Here, I hope, is the link to the recipe.

If it doesn't work, let me know and I can send to you. (NOTE: Again, Bun's trying to step up her game on BGR by doing more fancy stuff like links and such, so bear with me on the learning curve). Last night, we ate out because we did not get out of class until 8 p.m. Tonight is Frozen Pizza Friday. What can I say? I try to be consistent anyway.

What I'm Listening To:
Ray LaMontagne. I have expressed my love for him here before and it's just that kind of mellow day. Yo.

What I'm Reading:
I started reading Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. She is going to be at Barnes & Noble near me next Friday promoting her new book, Pretty in Plaid. I am plotting to go. I have a girl crush on her. I would be all single white female on her but she is a Republican. Oh, well, we can't all be perfect.

What's on My Mind:
I have been getting myself a little worked up again about the state of the world. Oy. I guess that means I have not been drinking enough. So, cheers! Here's to a great weekend and I'll be back Sunday night to give the weekend wrap-up. XO, B


Elisabeth said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

And, I have a great shrimp & grits recipe I need to share with you... from a restaurant in Charleston - de-li-cious! Better yet, I need to make it for you!

bunny said...

Thanks! I do think it would be hard to beat this recipe but I would be willing to let you try... :) This restaurant is in Charleston...which one is yours from?