Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Slice of Life

Peeps! Lordy, lordy, it's been B-OR-ING at Casa Bunny, fo' shizzle. Actually, yesterday was pretty busy though now that I think about it. First, I had to go get a watch battery because the Bunny timepiece decided to die. But, alas, dudes, it is more than the battery. The watch is R.I.P fried. What will I do without a watch?? Oy! Cheap Timex, anyone??

Then, I had a meeting about some freelance work (Yeah!), then a lunch meeting about some volunteer work (but FREE lunch, so, Yeah!) and then it was off to the Dept O' Labor for some "reemployment training," which, in honesty, wasn't all that bad. I actually learned a few things. What was sad was the size of the crowd--32 and counting. And, even more sad, mostly older, non-ethnic peeps. Not to be racist-y, but let's just say not the type of people one would normally associate with the DOL. But that is where the economy is right now, peeps.

Anywho, after that, I went with my Moms to Sam's to stock up on PT and TP (that's paper towels and toilet paper; yeah, we now have enough to last 'til at least Christmas unless someone gets the stomach flu). Whew! It was the most active day, sadly, I have had in some time. Seriously.

Today was spent catching up on work, so not much to say. Instead, I thought I would do a fun thing--random things on my desk. Here we go:

Now, this wasn't ON my desk, but my hubs did bring it in when I was photographing. It is a night-blooming water lily. The bloom is deepest hot pink and the leaves are a rich burgundy. Beautiful. I will take a photo of it later in the pond. Yeah, the one my nephew fell in. That one.

This box, well, I cannot remember where I gots it, but inside are a lucky four-leaf clover amulet-y thingy, an amethyst stone and a hematite stone. Several years ago when my brother was very ill/almost died (long story, another day but let's say shitty doc + ruptured appendix = 18 months of hell), someone sent me these stones. Hematite and amethyst are both said to combat mental stress/bring about a calm mental state. I say, "bring me a boulder of each, bitches!"

This is a photo of me, the hubs and the girls, that I have covered with 1) the contact info for the DOL, 2) the business card for the rock yard where we are going to buy our front stepping stones and 3) a scriptural verse for yet more mental support. Lord knows, I need it. Word.

And, lastly, my economy-size bag of cough drops because, apparently, I am 39 going on 79.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night I was so pooped when I got home (yes, again, when I get a job, it is going to KICK.MY.ASS.HARD.) so I asked the hubs to pick up a Publix sub. Not sure if I have expressed my devotion for Publix subs here but THEY ROCK. HARD. Tonight, I made not one, but TWO, new things. Woo-hoo! First, the bread:

When I went to see my pastor friend a few weeks ago, her hubs told me about this frozen bread dough from Kroger. Just take it out, put it in a bread pan, and allow to rise for 6ish hours.

Put in hot oven for 20-25 minutes when all rose up.

Out comes golden goodness! While I am not giving up on my goal of bread baking, this is a quick, cheap and very easy alternate. Try it! Now for the entree: Orzo with Crab and Artichoke.

First, pour yourself a big 'ol glass of crisp pinot grigio. No, this has absolutely nothing to do with the recipe, but it is quite tasty.

Assemble the ingredients--orzo (cooking, so not shown), sundried tomatoes, white wine vinegar, olive oil, crab meat, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, Dijon mustard. Also shallot, grape tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano. Sounds super tasty already, right??

Put the vinegar, oil, herbs, onion and mustard in container to make the dressing. Oh, yeah, and garlic. Somewhere between a little and enough to ward off a vampire. Take a generous sip of wine.

Blend up the dressing. I suppose this is an appropriate place to make a comment about wielding a big stick or my love of handling long, hard things....hee.

Put all the other ingredients--crab, artichoke hearts, orzo, tomatoes--in a big 'ol bowl. Allow room to mix. Fortify yourself to stir with another large sip of wine.

Pour dressing over all the stuff and stir gentley. Take a little taste to make sure everything is seasoned well. Finish off the glass of wine in celebration!

Serve it up with generous topping of fresh grated Parm, a side of warm bread and a view like this:

That, peeps, would be the view from the deck at Casa Bunny, where we had our first al fresco meal of the season tonight. Seemed fitting. And the dish was delish--light, tasty, yums. Anyone want the recipe?? Send me a note.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Hey Jesus by the Indigo Girls.

What I'm Reading:
My new Rachel Ray magazine, which has some tas-tee looking recipes!

What's on My Mind:
Right now? It's time for the Grey's Anatomy season finale. So, later, peeps! Love, B


Elisabeth said...

Orzo salad looks delicious! Would probably be good w/ boiled shrimp, too. . . maybe take this recipe to the beach with me. . .yummm...

bunny said...

I will send you the recipe--I scanned it in "just in case." Funny you mention shrimp--I told the hubs some diced shrimp along with the crab would be tasty, as long as it wasn't too shrimpy-tasting.

tiff said...

Would you send me the recipe? Sounds yummy! Thanks!

ctflack said...

That orzo salad does look awesome. I'll take that recipe too! :)

bunny said...

Tiff--Send me an email to my gmail account and I will reply with the email.

CT--I have yours and it will be coming shortly!

Bobs said...

I love a big stick and hard things also :) How U doin?!?!?!