Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain, Rest and Roast

Peeps, I know I should have blogged yesterday, but I just have to admit that, my ass? Was dragging. But more about that in a minute.

So, Friday, was un-effin-remarkable. I gots up and worked in the yard some that morning, went for groceries, worked in the afternoon, and tweaked on my resume. Then, I went to bed on the side of early because yesterday I wents with my moms to visit my sister and her sons. They don't live too far away, but I have been a bad Aunt Bunny and have been down for none of their baseball games this spring. Of course, the game yesterday was rained out, but we still gots to spend good time together--we played with Matchbox cars, played Wii (yes, my 8-year-old nephew kicked my arse in NBA basketball and tennis, but I tied him in baseball and had a handy lead in golf until that last $&(%&^^ hole). Anywho, it was fun, but a long day and I was petered and pooped by the time I gots back to Casa Bunny. Here are some photos of the boys:

This is A. who, yes, has that Nintendo DS surgically attached to his hand, I think. But he is so 'effin funny. He says some of the "growny-ist" things. Seriously. And I was cursing a little yesterday and he kept calling me on it. (Ok, YOU try putting together a circular race track from 5000 pcs. and directions written by someone for whom English is obs a second language. Yeah. You would cuss too. Lots. Trust me.) And he turned EIGHT this week! GAH! I remember the day when he was born like it was yesterday. YESTERDAY. I will turn around and he will be about to graduate. Sigh.

This is M. who lost his first front tooth. He was so proud. He also is so tender-hearted, which is a great trait in humans in one way, but will get you beat up in school. I hate that he needs to develop thicker skin or he will be a bully magnet. Sigh.

So, today, the hubs has been sickly (sinus infection) and, after a run to Walgreen's for meds, I have been cooking and cleaning. It's going to be a low-key evening and afternoon, I believe.

What I'm Cooking:
As noted, Friday night was Frozen Pizza Friday. Nothing new--just a Publix Supreme with a big salad. Last night, we had Steak Saturday, but with a twist:

Big Steak Salad. I bought some thin slice top round Friday at the Publix for $2 or some ridiculous price, so I liberally sprinkled it with McCormick's seasoning and did a quick sear in the grill pan. I cut it into thin strips, and piled it on top of mixed greens with tomatoes, cukes and blue cheese drizzled in a balsamic vinaigrette. Served with more Kroger fresh baked bread. Yum.

Yes, I think for summer, Friday will have to become Big Salad Fridays rather than Frozen Pizza Fridays. I do love a big salad and there are so many options. Southwest Big Salad. Big Taco Salad. (yes, those ARE different) Big Steak Salad. And I am sure I can find more.

Today for lunch I made the Strawberry-Turkey-Brie Panini, (recipe linked). I had strawberries on the edge of fuzzy and brie starting to grow mold, but all trimmed up and pulled together, it was as lovely as ever. I did, however, only make it for two and I amped up the pepper jelly for more flava.

Tonight, I am making a roast, probably the last until fall. Roast is def a cool weather meal, and since today is rainy and cooler, I thought I needed to cook it before it was 85 and sunny and the last thing we wanted would be roast. So, I browned it well in my cast iron skillet, sprinkled it liberally with garlic pepper, and tossed it in the slow cooker over a bed of onions and a lake of beef broth.

MMMMM! The house smells FABULOUS! I am going to serve it with roasted carrots (yes, I have some sprouting in the drawer) and these:

Be all Martha Stewart if you want, but these are quite good and they were on sale BOGO at the Publix this week. I think I cook enough that I can catch a break every now and then, righto??

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Do Wot You Do by INXS. From the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. Most excellent.

What I'm Reading:
Nothing right now. I started a book, did not like it, and put it down. I have so many books to read, I have decided I cannot waste time making myself finish a book I do not like. So I am trying to decide what to read next now.

What's on My Mind:
Time for me to get it together, peeps. The birthday is looming around the corner so I am trying to turn over the new leaf and get my shizz together. I know I keep saying that, but I really am going to TRY this week. Exercise. Work. Job search. Whee. Be back soon! B

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