Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Which I Pull Stuff Out of My Arse

It's Tuesday, peeps, and there ain't nothin' going on. Nope. Not a damn thing. BUT, I do have several pics and I can wax on about the mundane and trivial for hours. Seriously. I know. It is a gift.

So, Sunday after I logged off BGR, the girls gave me their Mom's Day present. Damn, if I knew gifts were forthcoming, I could have typed faster. Word. Here's the gifties:

These soaps, which are made in North Carolina USA, smell UNBELIEVABLE. And they last forever and ever. Ironically, I also gave some to my moms for Mom's Day.

This folk arty piece is from a local home goods consignment store that features local folk artists in the front half of the store. We have purchased some cool, unique pieces from the store. This photo does not do the piece justice--it is very intricate and detailed. And I loves it.

Yesterday, the Bunny was sorta blah, and I spent way too much time in my pajamas. Yes, I occasionally turn into one of "those" people. Some days, motivation seems to be right beyond arm's length. My motivation ought to be not losing Casa Bunny, I know, but on the grey days, it's just hard, peeps. Negative thoughts and depressive clouds seep into my mind and it's just hard to talk the greyness down. Today, however, has been better--I actually got in the shower before noon. Yo.

Some here are some random pics from around Casa Bunny because I had to have something to offer up today.

I think I may love this cream gel. I bought it on a whim at Wally-world. You know I have expressed my weakness for any curl-enhancing hair product. And I have only used this twice, but it seems to do what it says (bouncy curls! frizz control!). And it's cheap. SCORE!

My moms introduced me to this product--it is gel body oil. And it fabulous. Again, only been using a couple of days, but it leaves skin silky soft without the drippy mess of baby oil. And it leaves that nice "gleem" from oil. And it smells like the beach. Heaven.

Here is the new Casa Bunny recycling center. The left is our plastics bin. Y'all. Can I just say I never realized how much recyclable stuff we were dumping in the trash? Yo. On the right is the magazine and newspaper bin. And the shower bucket? It is m-effing incredible how much water we are collecting in that one bucket. I feel like such a abuser of Mama Earth because we have not been doing these things all along. And this is all SO EASY. Seriously. I encourage you all to get on board with being greener. Word.

Random Garden Porn 1: This mushroom looks so cool. I know it is a result of all the recent rains, but it looks like a rare, exotic flower.

Random Garden Porn 2: Here is one of our rusty beds with a pretty pink flower growing on it. The hubs is not here to ask what it is, but I love the vibrant pink against the rusty brown.

Random Garden Porn 3: Here is a close-up of same flower.

Random Garden Porn 4: A better shot of the verbena I highlighted on Sunday. Whazz up with the pink? I am so drawn to pink recently.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I made sliders with homemade french fries and a salad with tomatoes, cukes and blue cheese. Can I tell you how READY I am for fresh 'maters? And, yes, you can remind me I said this when I tomatoes coming out of my ears in a month or so.

Anyway, wasn't anything exciting but I took a photo of it because I have been so bad taking food photos recently. I made the burgers with the W-S hamburger seasoning and Hawaiian rolls. I tossed the fries with EVOO and Jane's Crazy Salt. Always a pleaser.

Tonight, I am going to Bobs to watch the Biggest Loser finale. Shut up. I lurve that show. You laugh. You cry. The drama puts all the Housewives from where ever to shame. So suck it.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, I am previewing Mat Kearney's new album, City of Black & White, and, oddly enough, I am finding it very, very appealing. Sophomore efforts are typically somewhat of a let down but I am really liking this one. Maybe even more so than his debut. Nice!

What I'm Reading:
I finished Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. Very good. Cannot wait to get the new book. Still planning on going to the reading Friday. If I don't chicken out.

What's on My Mind:
I need to get my shit together, so let me go start, you know, doing that. Have a good one. Be back soon to tell you all about my "reemployment training." Sounds like so much fun. Love, Bunch


Elisabeth said...

I use that cocoa butter body oil! (not every day) but I love it... I think I'll get it out & use it tomorrow just b/c you reminded me of it. I picked it up last summer - I think that long ago - and used it regularly for awhile. It does make you crave the ocean... smelling like tanning oil from the 70's. :)

bunny said...

It's awesome and, yes, it does remind one of teen tanning!