Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Which the Celebrating Begins

Oy, peeps. I don't think I will ever be hungry. Ever again. Today was the start of birthday week, and I celebrated with my fams and lots of Mexican food and lots of ice cream cake. All delish, but can someone please pass the Tums?? Indeed. Luckily, yesterday I burned about 1000 calories working in the garden. And it was faboo. Check out the pics:

My first tiny sweet pepper.

Lots of miniature green cherry tomatoes, hopefully one day to be yellow.

Itsy-bitsy cukes, no bigger than my pinkie nail.

Waterlily in the pond.

Hydrangeas. Don't know if it will keep this color, but I like it.

More blackberries, turning color.

One of the first daylilies, a lovely butter cream color. In a few weeks, the yard will be full.

I was seriously excited to see some vegetables starting to do something in the garden. Maybe they will get to getting on this week as the weather is supposed to stay sunny for a little while.

Other than the garden porn, there's not much to show and tell. We had quesadillas last night for dinner, followed by a mixed berry cobbler with blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. Oh, hell yes. You heard me right. I bought some of the prettiest raspberries at Sam's the other day:

While I do not really like raspberry-flavored items, I love the fruit itself. And I feel the same way about peaches. Here is the cobbler, ready to bake:

Same recipe as last week, and I did not take a photo of it cooked because, well, it looks about the same as last week. And like last week, it was yummers. And as if I haven't had enough sweets, here is my ice cream cake from today:

Don't freak--the DQ has not gone goth. I altered the writing from my Christian name to Bunny. Good job though, right??

Anyhoodle, SOMEONE, or two, made a comment about all the recent postings on libations and wanted to know if B. had a problem with the wagon. That would be a "no." I had three beers and two vodka tonics this past week. I don't think that qualifies me for AA. I am just a "in spurts" kinda girl--I tend to repeat things for a while until I get tired of them and move onto the next thing. Right now, with the warmer weather, I am having a jones for cold beer and icy vodka. Just celebrating my joie de vivre, 'kay? Don't sweat me. It's all good.

Well, I have about a million things to do tonight including paying bills, washing clothes and finishing an article that is due tomorrow. The party never ends at Casa Bunny. Later, peeps! B

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