Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'll Cut You Blogger....I'm Just Sayin'

***So, I am trying this post AGAIN. Blogger, don't piss me off again by losing my shizz. Not wise to mess with the Bun, esp. when Aunt Flo is visiting. I will cut a bitch, Blogger. Get me?? Good.***

Yo, yo, peeps! It has been one LONG ASS week. Oy. But Thursday, I gots up early--even though I DID NOT need to--and worked in the garden a little. Looks at these pics, peeps (warning: you are going to be SO jealous):

These are some old-fashioned cottage roses which grow on the bank beside our driveway. I loves them! I esp. love this pic with the juxtaposition of the rusty bed frame with the wild-ish roses. Pretty. Let's move in for a close-up:

Such a lovely shade of pink. I am not a fan of traditional roses, but I love the shrubs and climber varieties such as these, Lady Banks, etc.

This clematis is so pretty and the blooms are huge. The flowers always make me think of sitting on a South Pacific island, the flower in my hair, sipping a frosty, fruity drink. Ahh. What a nice daydream.

Yo, bitches! We gots some blueberries! Whee! Of course, you can see they are small and few, but I am tres excited. In a few years, I will be rolling up in berries and making pies and cobblers and all such foolishness. Mmmm. And here is my pride and joy:

Blackberries, bitches! HELL YES! I LURVES me some blackberries! I bought some gorgeous ones at the Publix yesterday (photos later when I make a cobbler!) and was thinking, "In a few years, I will be using my own." Damn skippy. I was so excited, I wanted to buy another bush, but when the hubs and I went to the nursery today, they were sold out. Poo.

Other than that, the last two days have been filled with freelance work, errands and cooking. Lots of cooking. So, let's move onto the culinary delights that have been birthed from the Casa Bunny kitchen.

What I'm Cooking:
Thursday night, I made chicken scallopini. I discovered that chicken scallopini is much like chicken piccata but with the addition of cream and mushrooms. Not that those are BAD things. So, here's how it breaks down:

Pound some chicken breast (boneless, skinless) to death. You know I love this part. Then, dredge it in flour, salt and pepper and saute in a little EVOO. Golden goodness.

When the chicken is all done, pour a cup of white wine (!) in the skillet to deglaze it, then add a bunch of 'shrooms. Boil the heck out of it to get the sauce to reduce a little.

Add cream (!), capers and parsley and remove from the heat. Oh, on the side, be cooking up some linguini or your fave long pasta.

Serve the chicken on a bed of noodles, topped with lots of sauce and grated parm. The dish was quite tasty, but I do think I prefer the piccata. I think the piccata might be a tiny bit lighter and, to me, the cream and 'shrooms did not add much. Then, last night, I made BIG SALAD, Tex-Mex Shrimp Style:

First, can I tell you how much I LURVES Ziploc steam bags??? They rock. I put in my frozen shrimps and kernel corn and nuked it for four minutes while I gots to work on this:

Delish, fresh produce--cukes, tomatoes, green onions, chopped, and romaine.

Next, mix up the steamed corn and shrimps with the produce, sans romaine (that comes in a minute) and some ranch dressing, fresh lime juice and hot sauce to taste (this adds a nice zing!). So colorful!

Pile the mix over the romaine. Y'all this truly makes a BIG SALAD! But, you know, that's how the Bunny rolls--BIG.

Finally, top with crushed tortilla chips and shredded pepper jack cheese. Serve outside on a wonderfully overcast-ish evening with a pretty tabby rubbing against your legs and a cute hubs. Ok, that was my serving situation, but substitute the pet and companion of choice. YUM. This salad will def be added to rotation at Casa Bunny.

Tonight, I am mixing up some burgers, oven fries and maybe beans or salad. Oh, I am thinking about making white bean hummus. And a blackberry cobbler is def in our immediate future. Indeed.

What I'm Listening To:

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how much I liked the sophomore effort by Matt Kearney. So, I went and bought it yesterday ($7.99 at Best Buy!) and I am still not disappointed. In fact, every time I listen, I like it more. This album is the first I have been excited about in a while. Whee! The music drought is ova'!

What I'm Reading:
Still reading The Law of Similars by Chris Bohjalian. Still pretty good.

What's on My Mind:
My first post was better, but this is what I gots now, and this freakin' post better post! Oh, and the hubs is probably wondering where the hell I am since he has been outside for a while now. So, I need to go work in the garden, peeps, but I will be back later, possibly with more garden porn and some tasty treat photos. Love, B


Sonya said...

I would like to offer myself up for adoption....even if it is just for meal time at Casa Bunny. The chicken piccata and big ole salad look delish! Making me hungry....

bunny said...

I was just thinking the other day, "I need to have Sonya over for supper one evening"...Your invite will be coming soon and big salad or chicken piccata can certainly be on le menu!

Jeff said...

I love the humor, whimzy, and of course the beautiful food (blackberries are my favorite berry too). Let's eat!

bunny said...

Jeff, you can come anytime, sweetie, and I will cook you up anything you want! Smooches, B