Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hump Day Holla

Oy, peeps! Lots to do today. I am finding out that even when you are unemployed, holiday weeks throw you a curve. And I even worked on Monday! Anyway, let's review the short list of what needs to be done today:

1) Blog: Check

2) Exercise: I would rather have hot poker stuck in my eyes, esp. since I have a terrible crick (that is a muscle-y spasm-y thing-y for you non-Southerners) in my shoulder/neck, but I had a VERY BAD eating weekend (hey, you saw the cobbler!), so I need to jump on the gerbil wheel (better known as the treadmill).

3) Shower before noon: If I get on #2 next, I will make it. I don't see the sense in showering before since I sweat like the proverbial whore in church while doing #2.

4) Go to the grocery store: With coupons to take advantage of sales before they flip tomorrow. Hey, desperate times call for frugal homemaking. Who knew I would turn into a coupon queen? Actually, I sorta find it irritating to coordinate all that but I am doing it regardless because free A1 and salad dressing = a good thing.

5) Pick up new contacts: Because the ones my doctor changed me to a few weeks ago are like wearing large pieces of grit in my eye. Comfy, right??

6) Return mail order purchase: Yes, ordering on the Internet is convenient, but it seems I return 75% of what I receive. I am more a "seeing it in person" person. If it were not for free shipping, I would be pissed at myself all the time. (Confession Sidebar: I cannot spell the word "convenient" to SAVE. MY. LIFE. I have to admit I look it up every time I use it. There is a gap in my brain where the spelling for that word sits).

I also need to get busy on some work which is due Friday. At least I do not have to worry about painting, gardening or washing my truck because today is yet another gloomy, rain-soaked day. So, anyhoodle, I better get to getting, as they say. But before I go, I will leave you with photos of last night's dinner main course. We were tempted to go out, and discussed it at length, but in the end, I decided to go with cooking at home to save money and another shower in the pouring rain. So, I made burgers. Yes, I know I just made them, but the last one was so good it had me hankering for another.

I took some ground beef and generously mixed in the hamburger seasoning from W-S. I then grilled them up in my trusty IKEA grill pan, and topped them with a little Colby-Jack and started the bun with mayo (don't freak about the spread--it was light!) and spicy mustard (like the POTUS, I like my mustard spicy!).

Then I added romaine, sliced romas (it was all the 'maters I had) and grilled onions, supposedly Vidalia, but don't even get me started on that, because it makes me SO MAD that they called this a Vidalia when it was practically smoking it was so hot.

Final touch--the piece de resistance--was Wickles. What are Wickles you say? Well, they are a sweet yet spicy pepper ring:

They were a hostess gift from a friend and they are quite, quite tasty. Don't know if you can find these in your neck of the woods, but they are unlike the typical name-brand banana pepper ring you get at Subway. These are delish, less vinegary and more sweet but still with some heat. Plus, the artwork tickles me--little peppers hula-hooping with pepper rings! Hee.

Here is the final result. The hubs asked what I named it and suggested the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" burger. It would also qualify for the "Two-Handed Burger" or "At Least Three Napkin Burger", but regardless of the name, it was yummy, hit the spot and, in the end, I was glad I chose home.

So I am off to tackle my list. We'll see you taters later! Bun


Elisabeth said...

I can't spell convenient either! And most of the time, I can't even spell it close enough for spell check to help me! What is it with e's & i's?

ummmm... burger.

bunny said...

I know! Spell check is always just like "WTF?? What is THAT??" If the hubs is home, I just ask him. He are a goods spellar. (hee)

Sonya said...

LOVE me some Wickles!

bunny said...

Dude, I KNOW. I think the Wickles are totes yummers! I bought the Wickles Sub and Hoagie Relish at the Publix today--cannot wait to try and I will report back at BGR on the taste test!