Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day Holla

Can I tell you how much I love using Mozilla??? When my computer crashed a few months back (arrggg! acckk! sorry, still brings back bad memories!), the little computer tech guy suggested switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla and I LURVES it TOTES! For no other reason than that it just remembered "Hump Day Holla." Whee!

Anywho, I hope you have being keeping it real peeps. It has been a long week so far and I am glad it is on the downswing. I is tired and my arse is dragging so low there are chaffe marks. Seriously. Let's do a quick recap: Monday, my early morning meeting was rescheduled, which turned out to be a good thing, because if I had to do three mornings in a row at 6+ a.m., someone would probably be dead now. And not necessarily me. Anywho, the day took off from there with work and work. Oh, and some more work. I am HAPPY about the work and it's not that I have so much to do, but it just all seems to be coming due at the same time.

Yesterday, I gots up at the crack o' dawn for another networking meeting. It was actually hosted by my old employer, so not much going on there, but it's good to keep your face in front of people. I saw some folks I had not seen for a while, reminded them I was still looking. Then, home to more work. Then, today, again up before the sun was and off to yet another networking meeting--well, actually two meetings--in the ATL, then home for, you guessed it, more work. So Bunny's tail? Again, is dragging. I am calling it an early night tonight and heading to bed.

So, as you can gather, nothing totes exciting going on at Casa Bunny, but I do have a few photos to share:

Savannah has discovered our floor pillows in the living room and now thinks they make a perfectly good bed for her. This photo is a little blurred because we had to sneak it (since she HATES the camera and all), but look at her little leg sticking out all cute. Aww!

This, my friends, is a small, small 'mater growing on one of my plants. We have had such a wet and cool Spring, I have been fearing I set my first round of plants out way too early and they are all going to die before it gets warm enough for them to bloom, so this little fruit is very exciting to me!

The black thingy is my new composter, given to us by a friend of the hubs who did not like it. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. Look at me! Green Bunny!

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see, as promised, Sunday night we had roast and 'taters and it was yummers. No pics though. Then, Monday, I was supposed to go to see my nephew celebrate his Cub Scout promotion, however, RIGHT AS Bunny was walking out the door, she dropped a large fluorescent light bulb on the hardwoods. Yep. I had taken it down to take to Home Depot to compare sizes, and in the process, created an EPA hazard zone. Not to get on a grand tangent, but let's say it took FOREVER to clean up following the EPA guidelines, then I was 110% I had suffered mercury poisoning, so I wound up calling the GA Poison Control Center. No shizz. Yes, I know I am crazy. We already covered that eons ago. Before I poisoned myself, however, I did manage to make me some dinner:

Peanut-Thaish Noodles, or Poor Man's Pad Thai. Simply cook up some spaghetti (I prefer whole wheat for this dish because of the "nutty" taste), then mix in a tablespoon or so of chunky peanut butter (this was one tbsp. for a single serving--a little goes a long way so mix some in, then add more if not enough for you; I like chunky for the texture) along with a drizzle of olive oil (enough to thin peanut butter but not so much it makes it keeps the peanut butter from clinging to the noodles) then top with basil (I used purple and regular, but Thai basil is great!), a squeeze of lime juice and, if you're daring, a toss or three of hot sauce. Yummy and satisfying! Can also add chicken or shrimp. You also could use creamy peanut butter and top with chopped peanuts if you'd like. I like it all. I like it a lot.

Last night, ya'll, I made the best dish. Def up there with the shrimps & grits from last week....Baked Lemon Pasta which you can find the recipe for here. Here's the down-lo:

Chop up a couple cloves of garlic, then juice a big 'ol lemon.

Then, zest the big 'ol lemon. A plus? The lemon removes the garlic smell from your hands! Whee!

Next, after melting some butter in a skillety-pot, stir in olive oil, the lemon juice and zest, the garlic and sour cream.

On the side, grill up a few shrimps. NOTE: this was my addition to add some protein--I simply grilled them quickly with a little citrus-herb spice mix.

Next, mix in cooked spaghetti to the sour cream-lemon mixture; best to do in an oven proof vessel for less to clean up later. Put vessel in oven for 20 or so minutes (some covered, some uncovered).

Take out the pasta and squeeze some more lemon juice over the dish, then top liberally with parm and parsley.

Serve topped with the grilled shrimps. MMM-MMM GOODNESS! Tonight, we are having quesadillas. If I get in there to make them, that is.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Never Knew Love by Rick Astley. Red hair, big voice. Sigh.

What I'm Reading:
Reading??? Only if it's been for work. Actually, I started The Law of Similars by Chris Bohjalian. It's pretty good so far, but I have not gotten very far.

What's on My Mind:
Y'all, Bunny is not having a good week emotionally. Hormones + fastly approaching momentous birthday + Round 2576 of job loss anxiety + getting up at the crack of dawn = Sad Bunny. Oh, and I started my new eating and exercise plan this week. What the hell was I thinking???? I need beer and nachos. And comfort. Lots of comfort. Maybe Aunt Flo's arrival will help. That or a vodka tonic.

Love, B


Elisabeth said...

Is that the baked lemon pasta from PW? (or was it smitten kitchen?) Anyway, I printed off the recipe, too - looks wonderful!

Elisabeth said...

OK - just followed your link & it is PW... don't you just LOVE her!

bunny said...
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bunny said...

I could have originally come from smitten kitchen (??), but I printed it from Pioneer Woman. And, yes, I LURVES her, have a girl crush on her and want to marry her.

Note on recipe: I did try to make it a little lighter by cutting the butter in half and using light sour cream. That is a RICH dish! But it is fast and super easy to make!

blackbird said...


bunny said...

Welcome to BGR, blackbird. Love your blog, so glad you stopped in. I have a bad noodle problem. I would have them every night, but the hubs would revolt.