Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hump Day Holla

Bunny is in 'da house! Because it is freakin' raining like kitties and puppies outside. Seriously. But Bunny ain't complaining because 1) it has helped to wash away the poisonous pollen and 2) it means our local drought issues continue to get better. But I GUAR.RAN.DAMN.TEE. it will stop raining after tomorrow. Why you ask? Because tomorrow night, B and hubs are going to a rain barrel making class so we can have some rain barrels to capture water for the garden. Once we have those, expect desert-like conditions because my "luck" just runs that way. Yo.

Monday was another rainy day and pretty quiet. Since it was grey outside, I decided comfort food was in order, but that didn't turn out too well (I'll cover that later). Other than that, it was cleaning house, looking for work, etc. Yesterday, I ran errands, looked for work, and we had our new gutter drain lines dug out. Whee! No pics--I mean, no kidding, there ain't nothin' cool or pretty about that work. But now we are ready for gutters, which is good, because each time it rains, our yard is washing away. Another reason it will stop raining--we will get gutters. Because, you know, my "luck" just runs that way. Word.

Last night, I met a friend for nachos and beer to celebrate Cinco de Mayo....along with about 500 other white people. Notice how no Hispanic people celebrate?? Yeah, I think it's just a reason for restaurants to offer beer specials and give people a reason to par-tee. Here are the shoes I wore:

I just wanted to work this pic in because I LOVES these shoes TOTES. Red patent leather. What could be better? They do show a little toe cleavage, but I can deal. Yep. They is cute. And here is some random garden porn:

Again, just wanted to work in these white irises, which are growing along the drive. So pretty.

So the hubs took the girls to work today since it was stormy and I had a long freelance meeting this morning (see Sunday--girls + storms = panting and peeing) and K.K. has been inside all day, sleeping. Sometimes she is so cute, she makes me forget that I really don't like cats. Well, I do her. She's a totally cool kitty. Look at this:

How do cats DO those contortions? It cracks me up.

What I'm Cooking:
So, Monday night. What a disaster. Oh well, I can't be 100% on my cooking game all the time. Here's the story...I decided to make a pork roast, so I browned up my roast on all sides, and placed it in the slow cooker on a bed on onion with broth, fresh sage and lemon pepper. It was so pretty! Look:

Nice, right?? Golden goodness. That part was ok, then things went downhill. Next, I decided to make roasted sweet potatoes. Which burned (see black below). Then I gets out the broccoli. Which had somehow spoiled between Friday and Monday. And then I decided to make some spinach. Which turned out shitty. Then I decided to throw some rice into the mix and chuck the taters. Which was a bad idea. Here it ALL is plated:

It doesn't LOOK bad, but it was not tasty-ish. Sigh. It pisses me off to spend time on a meal and it not turn out. Fo' shizzle. I mean, sometimes simple works, like lunch yesterday:

I had a little mini-antipasto plate--olives, the remaining salami/mozzarella roll and foccacia. Yum. I wanted a glass of wine, but I feared it would put me straight to sleep. However, I should have...a perk of being unemployed...daytime wine and naps. Yo.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townsend. See Dan in Real Life. Best.Scene.Eva. with this song.

What I'm Reading:
I finished Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter. Meh. It was forgettable. Which is sad because it seemed like a good plot idea on the teaser. I have not started anything new yet...still deciding.

What's on My Mind:
I am really sleepy from this rain and my antihistimine and just because I am old, I suppose. Lawd. I may go make some java for an afternoon perk.

Be back later taters! Have a good one!


tiff said...

Hey Bunster - have you ever made mashed potatoes with sweet and Irish? YUM! Cook the sweet about 7-8 minutes and add the Irish. Boil until soft. Mash like usual, add sour cream, butter, a little milk, garlic salt, and basil. Delish!

bunny said...

I have not, tiffs. So you do half and half? Do you use fresh basil? I bet roasted garlic (though more labor intensive) would be fab, too.

tiff said...

Yep - half and half. Since there is only the husband and I, I use 1 of each kind of potato. I usually use dried basil, but fresh would be yummy too.