Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Free For All

Yo, yo, peeps--I am sliding into my b-day weekend and I am thinking there may need to be lots of self-medication of the vodka variety. Hee. No, really. I just got happy thinking about vodka. My new favorite cocktail is a vodka tonic made with citrus Smirnoff with a twist of fresh lemon and/or lime. Mmmm! Delish! (Thanks, S.S., for making me a drunkard!)

Anyhoodle, this morning I woke up to a pox on my face. Yes, I have these little pink bumps all over my right cheek and I have NO IDEA what they are. Yeah! I get to turn 40, be unemployed, AND look like shizz. My life could be a country song. I guess if they don't go away over the weekend, or get worse, I will be calling the dermo. Sigh.

Yesterday, I happened upon the cutest possible pic of KK sleeping on the deck:

Smart kitty that she is, she likes to sleep somewhere shady, so she sprawled out under a chair.

The funny thing is that I don't think I have ever, or VERY rarely, seen her stretched out like this when sleeping. She usually sleeps curled up in a ball-ish.

I have to admit that for a minute I thought she might have gone to kitty heaven, but she must have been super comfy and/or very tired.

She is the cutest cat ever. She makes cats o.k. (Sorry you can see my veggies in the reflection--I had to shoot these through the deck door glass so as not to disturb her.)

Last night, I made a new recipe--Spinach & Brie Chicken with Orzo Salad. It was quite good and, surprisingly, easy to make.

First, pound out chicken breasts thin (again, you know I am always on board with any recipe that requires a meat mallet!) , then brush one side of the chicken with dijon mustard, and layer on thin slices of brie and unthawed, severly rung out frozen spinach. Roll up the chicken, secure with a toothpick and stick in the oven. (Ok, don't judge--I know these look a little shitty, but it all comes out yum in the end...promise!)

While you are preparing the chicken, cook some orzo, and after sticking the chicken in the ovs, mix butter, lemon juice, tomato, parsley and S&P with the drained orzo.

When chicken is done, serves it over the orzo salad with a generous helping of parm cheese. Delish! Seriously, dudes, this was like 30 minutes start to finish. It was really easy and looks quite delightful on the plate--def a company-worthy dish.

Here is a cut showing the inside. Pretty! I can think of about 1 million ways to make this differently--Greek style with olive tapenade and feta, Italian style with roasted red peppers and basil--I will be messing around with the recipe, fo' shizzle. You can find the recipe here.

And, lastly, here's what happens when you bake and drink. Not pretty, peeps, not pretty.

Have a GOOD weekend, peeps--it's is supposed to be sunny and bee-you-tee-full the next several days so I see lots of gardening in my immediate future. Loves, B


SS said...

Maybe I should have kept it for myself. YUMMY! Such a fan of the vodka tonic, but all I've got in the pantry is the cheap, plain stuff. Glad you're enjoying it....drunkard or not ;)

bunny said...

You? Are a bad influence. Probably not something you hear about yourself everyday. (hee) I have to admit I went to get a second bottle today. I have about blown through the other. (hic)

tiff said...

I LOVE the burned bread! I too love a glass (or two or three...) while cooking and sometimes it's just not a good thing for the food. Fortunately I feel too good at the time to care!

bunny said...

It was so sad, tiff, just all burned and laying on its side...Yes, a cocktail and cooking pair nicely but, as you point out, don't always end with a good result! ;) Maybe I should write a cookbook and pair drinks to the dish you are making but one you drink while cooking NOT eating!