Friday, May 01, 2009

Dragging into the Weekend

Dudes. I am worn out. I feel like crap. I seriously think I may be getting sick. I don't THINK it is the swine flu (though I do have a strange craving for bacon...), but rather the ill-effects of too much pollen ingestion. I am going to bed very shortly with a vat of night-time sinus meds and get a good night's sleep in the hopes that will ward of the pollen plague.

However, before I head off to dreamland, I thought I'd catch you up on the goings-on at Casa Bunny. Well, the hubs was off yesterday so we actually spent the day looking for stones (to use as "stairs" for the stoop) and gardening. I planted some more cukes and marigolds (planted around tomatoes, they are natural pest deterrents--didn't know that, did you??). Then, I transplanted my seedlings:

Yo. Dudes. I think I gots a with planting. But I really don't think it will be a prob. After all, only about 4 of the 6 seedlings from each variety of vegetable made it to this stage. And I anticipate only 2 (at most) of the remaining 4 will make it out of this round. So, in the end, it should be a (hopefully) manageable number. On the flip side, I am sad to have had such suck luck with planting from seeds. WTF??? I mean, why so challenging?? I must start a quest to learn how to do this better. Seriously.

In other garden news, here is some more garden porn:

Last fall, the hubs planted several peonies. We didn't think they would bloom this year, but this one is! Peonies are a favorite, so I am tres excited.

This yellow iris was transplanted by my hubs from his grandmother's land in her memory. It is very beautiful.

Here is one of the windows I painted over the weekend. Not a great photo, but I was pleased. Here is a close up:

I think it looks nice--I pulled in some orange and lime green to bring in some of the surrounding area colors.

This fountain is not in our garden but is at a nearby nursery (Full Bloom in Clermont--they're great! Go visit!), however, we want to do something just like this off the new stoop in front of the house.

Today was just the same 'ol, same 'ol. Not lots exciting going on here, peeps.

What I'm Cooking:
Wednesday night was quesidillas (yes, I KNOW I had them Tuesday too, but these were different, with chicken, spinach and mushrooms--I had produce that needed to be consumed!) But look what I made last night:

Inspired by my friend's antipasto a few weeks ago, I made cheese tortellini in a lemon-oregano vinagrette--I mixed fresh lemon juice with olive olive, garlic, salt, pepper, fresh oregano and tossed with the chillish tortellini and topped with a generous grate of fresh parm. YUMMMMMMM! I served with this:

Mozzarella and salami slices, tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and crusty Publix multi-grain baguette. Tastee!

Tonight, it was Frozen Pizza Friday, but with sad news. During salad making, I broke my white glass Fire King bowl when the pepper grinder slipped from my fingers, hitting the bowl at exactly the wrong angle. I am SO SAD, peeps! That was my fave bowl and I gots it for like $6 at an antique store YEARS ago. Sigh. R.I.P. BEST BOWL.

It looked like this, minus the orange dots. If you see one, keep Buns in mind.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Michael Feinstein. I LOVES ME some Michael Feinstein. He is the performer who made me fall in love with the standards. I saw him at Chastain years and years ago. I have seen him twice since, and it's always superb. And can I tell you how STOKED I am because I just discovered he is coming back to the ATL next February (yes, 2010, but I can wait). Color me there, front and center.

What I'm Reading:
Still on Very Valentine. Hoping to make some headway this weekend.

What's on My Mind:
It just started raining here, which I am so pleased about because maybe it will wash away some of this pollen. I have WAY to much to do this weekend, and all I really want to do is curl up in bed for two days. Oh well. Have a good one peeps!


Elisabeth said...

Sorry you're under the weather - hope you got a good night's sleep.

Last year I started a bunch of herbs from seeds & they did great until I planted them. . .so I'm with you on the trouble there. I planted some tomatoes this year from seed (seeds that were given out at my grandfather's funeral), and they've done squat. I planted 9 & only have 2 peeping up. I may just go have to buy some heirloom varieties that are further along & consider that in his memory.

Which, speaking of heirloom tomatoes, Glen Ella Springs is have an heirloom tomato festival in July. Tickets are $5, and I think it is on a Sunday - let's keep that in mind.

bunny said...

Thanks. Sadly, I do not feel better today, so I canceled my plans and am planning instead on some R&R supplemented with allergy meds.

Seeds suck! My mom always planted her garden from seed though, so I don't know what the problem is. Very frustrating! I should have taken all the money I spent on seed and just bought plants! Lesson learned.

I am all about the tomato festival--I love Glen Ella AND that's a good price. Just prompt me closer to the date.