Sunday, May 10, 2009

Delusion, Drinks and Dirt Cake

Where did the weekend go, peeps? The hubs just asked me that and I had to agree, I had no 'effin idea. Seriously. I know I started out with grand plans and I accomplished most of them, so I guess I am ahead of the game in that regard. Yesterday, the hubs worked in the garden all day, while I started out by transplanting the vegetable seedlings that had survived my last transplant. Eh! Gah! If these damn things don't grow I am going to be so, so peeved. The money. The time. Then it will be too late to buy other plants. ARRGG! It's time to put out, little planty-plants! Put out like little sluts!

Then, I spent four hours in a fruitless search of six Spode plates that we received when we married that apparently are NO WHERE IN THE HOUSE. Unless they are in the hubs closet which he swears they are not. If not, then either 1) the dogs ate them one day when we were at work (you know, when I WAS working, 2) they disappeared into thin air, or 3) we were delusional during our entire engagement and never actually received them. So, the guest bedroom remains awaiting final decoration for now.

So, after my extremely frustrating day, I was running around in a panic trying to get my shit together to go to Bobs for dinner. So, at 5:15 p.m., I am in my undies, sweating, on two phone calls (yes, one ear on cell, one ear on land line) and up to my elbows in enchilada sauce. Picture that. Yeah. Not a pretty picture. But we did finally make it to Bobs. And good food and drink. Sangria. Guac. Mojitos. Queso. Citrus kickers. Enchiladas. Yumminess. And a good, good buzz. Sadly, I forgot to take any pics. I was too busy stuffing my face. And guzzling down the delish cocktails. And let me tell you....Wii buzzed? Seriously fun.

Today, we hosted Mom's Day at Casa Bunny and it was all good. It was our first function since the house remodel. We had sandwiches, chips, baked beans. Since my nephews b-day is this coming week, the hubs also made dirt cake. Look:

It WAS cute, in the planter and all, served with a shovel. And I think the kiddos really liked it. Esp. the gummi worms. The funny incident of the day was my 6-year-old nephew fell into our pond. Yep. Not kidding. He wasn't hurt, though I am concerned malaria or some other consumptive illness may befall him. 'Cause our pond is, well, yucky. It's very GREEN. Don't judge. It's still early in the season and Mr. Sunshine hasn't worked his magic yet. So, here's some more pics from the weekend:

This aqua-y, fuzzish thing used to be a cantaloupe. It was oozy too. It had only been around a week. I kept smelling something sourly-fruity. Yeah. It is a quick slope from melon to penicillin apparently.

Here is some garden porn. These Barbie-pink flowers were my pick. They really pop in our deck container. The hubs says they are verbena. I say they are pretty-pretty.

Here is our $$rock$$ and the hubs newly planted perennials that he put in the ground to make Casa Bunny pretty for the fams. That hubs. He knows how to make a girl look good to her fams.

These are some more of the hub's irises. Again, pretty-pretty.

Following our rain barrel class, Buns is all on a H20 conserve kick. I picked this up at the class--it is a 5 minute timer so you can time your showers. Fortunately, I have yet to run over, but Bunny rarely takes a long shower. The hubs? That is a different story. Like many men I know, he is more a "girl" with the showers than me. Like pooping, I wonder "WTF are they DOING in there????" I mean, get in, get out. It's not like they have to shave each appendage, or wash their hair with three different products, or exfoliate so the self-tanner goes on smooth. I can do all that and STILL get out in 5 minutes. Word.

And this? This is my new shower bucket, which we now put in the shower to catch the water overflow. In three showers, we gathered EIGHT QUARTS of water. I think that is pretty significant. I like this model--the oval shape makes it less intrusive to the showering process and it was $2 at Wally-world. We are using to water our deck plants.

I also have decided we are going to take a hand at recycling plastics. I have often thought that for two peeps, the hubs and I generate an obscene amount of trash. Seriously. We'll see how that goes. So anyway, saving the world with water and plastics? My new soapbox. But I promise I won't be too tree-huggy obnoxious about it. But you should all expect buckets and shower timers for the next gift-giving occasion. If you want to check out some conserve advice, go here. Great company with lots 'o good info.

So, no "What I Am" this post, since I have not been cooking this weekend, I have been too busy to listen to music and I haven't started reading anything new. The week? Will be a quiet one. Except on Wednesday, I have to go for me "Reemployment Training." Wow. That should be an interesting Hump Day Holla. I wonder if the DOL will let me take pics. Maybe if I tell them I am a visual learner.

Later taters! Bunch


tiff said...

I am sincerely grossed out by your cantaloupe. It looks like the zucchini I just dug out of my veg drawer...maybe it's an epidemic of fuzz...

bunny said...

I know--the other side looks fine though so it was very deceptive! I also pulled some, let's say POURED some zucchini..out of my veg drawer last night. NAS-TEE!

Elisabeth said...

Ok, I'm sufficiently impressed with your water conserving... wonder if I could get my hubs to join the bandwagon. I like the shower bucket for watering the deck flowers...

bunny said...

I am telling you, the H20 conserve has been EYE OPENING. It is amazing how much water you can get just from the shower! And we have a low-flow showerhead! 2-3 showers and it is full!