Saturday, May 30, 2009

Compost Confessions, Bold Beers and Tastee Treats

Dudes. I have a confession to make. Sit down, it will be o.k. Really. Ready?? Alrighty. Well, sometimes...not often, but sometimes...Bunny has a cooking disaster. And Bunny is really not so great about eating all the produce before it starts to go slimy. But the new good news? I can now COMPOST all thst stuff!! Who knew??? Yep, look at all you can compost:

Fruits and veggies. Bread (yes, even burned bread!). Coffee grounds and coffee filters. Paper towels. And the before mentioned dryer lint. And not only CAN you compost them, you SHOULD compost them. It is called "green material" and you are supposed to have a good mix of green and "brown material." It's all fascinating. Here is some interesting info if you are so inclined.

So now that I have shared my confession and resulting composting jones, I will share the news on the last of my New Belgium beer tasting.

This variety is called 1554 because it is supposedly made like some Belgium beer from 1554. It is labeled as an "Enlightened Black Ale." Let's go in for the close-up of the label:

More nice artwork, I say. This beer is definitely a DARK beer...the label says it has an "evocative chocolaty finish." Whoa. You had me at "evocative."

And, as you can see, it is DARK, like chocolaty molasses. Quite lovely with a definite hint of chocolate in the finish. Reminds me of Guiness, but better. Probably more of a cold weather beer for me since I like something a little lighter and less hearty in the summer months. But quite good. However, of the three beers I have tried so far (and there are more coming, by the way, says my local package store!), Fat Tire would def be the fave. I might buy 1554 again when the weather turns cooler. Mothership Wit is a "no" for me, though. That's just how I roll.

Yesterday, after Frozen Pizza Friday dinner, the hubs and I were going out for an evening ice cream treat (Dairy Queen offers a free Blizzard on your b-day if you sign up for their Blizzard club. Just sayin.' You can get ALL KINDS of free stuff if you just sign up for it, I am finding.) and I took this really cool (to me) photo:

This gazing ball is in the front yard, and the way the sun was hitting it, it just looked like it was glowing from the inside. The photo really doesn't do it justice--I had to WAY ZOOM IN so it was a little fuzzish. Anyhoodle, I thought it was pretty.

After picking up our ice cream treat from the DQ, the hubs and I headed over to a nearby park on our local lake to enjoy the breeze and the view.

Ahhh. How I wish I lived on a body of water. But I digress. This was a lovely view esp. since the past several years, the lake has been really down due to drought. Just last year, this view was a red mud hole. Seriously. But all the rain over the past 6 months has put the lake back at almost full pool.

This park has a lovely walkway along the lake front with nice swings so you can lazily enjoy the views. (That's the hubs, btw, not some random dude.) The breeze was light and cool. The water was quietly lapping. The treats were tasty. It was a nice evening. Yes, indeedy.

Well, peeps, it is supposed to be a spectacularly sunny day today, so I am off to play in the dirt and enjoy the weather. I will be back later with more pics of the garden, I am sure. BTW, I am liking the new shorter format. I hope you are, too. Hugs and kisses, B

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