Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blackberries and Boulders

Dudes, in case you have not noticed, I have a "thing" about alliteration. As in a sickness. As in I cannot stop thinking that way. As in I use it lots. And I have no idea why. It just makes sense to me for some reason. Sing-songy sense. Anyway, that's how I roll here at BGR.

Back to the post....Surprised?? Well, I was. But I had the epiphany that as long as I am unemployed, I COULD do shorter posts more frequently. Seriously, I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but sometimes it takes like an hour to post. Esp. if I have lots of pics that need adjusting before posting. So I may try this whole shorter posts, more frequently thingy and see how that goes. But I ain't promising anything, 'kay??

Unfortch, this change means is I may not be able to keep with my former format, (Alliteration! Maybe we should start keeping count in each post? It could be a game! With prizes!) so I will just have to doodle with it and see what happens. If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know. I am here to serve you. Well, not really, but I do hope you like me enough to come back.

So last night, I finally cooked the cobbler. And, Lord in heaven, it was SO GOOD. And SUPER-DUPER easy. I used this recipe from Pioneer Woman (Yes, again! I TOLD you I have a powerful girl crush on her. What can I say??). Here's the 411:

First, the batter. Mix 1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk, 1 cup self-rising flour and a stick of butter, melted. That's it. That's all. Simple-dimple. Pour batter into a greased casserole. (NOTE: I actually made a little more batter--1.5 of all--because I was worried I would need more for this size pan. What I made was spot on for the 9x12 size.)

These were the inspiration for the cobbler--the Publix had some of the most beautiful blackberries this week. I bought three containers. And they were ON SALE! I kick myself for not buying more. They were huge, plump, lovely berries. Let's go in for the close-up:

See??? Huge. Plump. Twice the size of my thumbnail. Maybe more. Berries to make your cobbler dreams come true. Sigh.

Next, take all the plump berries (or whatever fruit you choose) and generously "dot" the batter. Generously. As in lots. The more berries, the better.

Throw it in the oven and cook 'er up for about an hour. Oh yeah, sprinkle the top with more sugar before you do--you won't be disappointed as it makes a hard-ish, brulee-type glaze. Should look goldeny good when done.

Serve up with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Or both. Seriously, peeps, so SIMPLE and DELISH. Cannot wait to make a PEACH one when peaches start coming in.

So that was last night, then this morning, we had our stone for our front "steps" delivered. Delivered stone, you say?? Why, yes, because it weighed 2.8 TONS. That's right. It is some big 'ol stone, peeps. Here's the before:

After we finished the stoop, we needed a path and some "steps" to the new entry. So we put down a temp path of smaller stones (actually, the stones are missing here because the hubs had already move them before I gots out front with the camera, but you get the idea). Now, here is what we have:

Three HUGE-ASS field stones from Pennsylvania. Well, originally. But they have been on a north Georgia rock yard for a long time. Just waiting for us. Yes, we could have gotten steps, but this option was 1) more affordable, believe it or not and 2) way cooler aesthetically. Anyhoodle, we, along with the aid of little man with a front-end loader, gots them situated the best we could. What with them weighing like 3/4 of a ton each and all.

Breaking news: The hubs just came in and wants you all to know, that we WILL be washing the mud off the stones (have done so already, actually) and we WILL be landscaping around the stones with plants and river pebble and whatnot. Just in case you thought we were going to leave it a big 'ol red mud hole and all. Just want you to know. 'Kay?? (Sheesh!) So, stay tuned for more pics.

Now, we are off to Moe's for a FREE LUNCH. If you are in the Moe's club, they send you a coupon for a FREE LUNCH when it is your birthday. I am all about my birthday and I am all about a free lunch these days. My only issue is deciding between a burrito or nachos.
Later, dudes! B


Elisabeth said...

But it isn't your birthday yet...

1. Cooking the Cobbler

I'm a fellow alliteration lover as well...

bunny said...

Yes, I know. That's why we get on good (does alliteration overrule good grammar?) :) As for the coupon, they send it a week in advance of your birthday and you have a week to use it. Since the hubs was off today, I treated him to lunch.