Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Love Me! You Really, Really Love Me!

I just got the BEST note, peeps! A friend who regularly reads BGR (and links to my blog from hers) told me that someone that read her blog (keep following me here!) linked over to BGR and asked her "Who is Bunny? She is hilarious!" DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT MADE MY DAY??? Whoever you are, mucho love!

'Cause I'm just saying, there are only like TWO of you who ever leave comments and I'd like to think ALL my FABULOUS friends & family are reading BGR, but I don't KNOW YOU ARE because YOU NEVER LEAVE A COMMENT. Or I find out when I start recollecting an antedote, only to have you interrupt me to tell me "Oh, yeah, I read that on your blog." REALLY?? 'Cause you NEVER leave a comment. I am not ashamed to admit I am needy and would enjoy a few more comments. If you could occassionally post a note, it would make my day. Seriously. Ok, I am getting off that soapbox and moving onto the next one.

When I last left you, I was on my way to the vet with Savannah. Yeah, as I thought, $100 and 30 minutes later, no idea what is making her randomly pee all over Casa Bunny. It's not a UTI. It's not the diabetes. It's (probably not) cancer. So the vet thinks it's 1) behavioral or 2) dementia. WHEE! So, I now have a senior diabetic dog with destructive dementia-related behaviors. I feel SO much better.

And the new toilet?? Lovely! Why didn't we always have one of these?? I can practically swing my feet when I potty. It's awesome. Or it was awesome until I got the bill today and realized geriatric toilet = half my mortgage. Oh, well--it will be a selling point when they repo Casa Bunny.

So, yesterday, to celebrate Earth Day, Bobs suggested we walk up Stone Mountain. He said it was hard, but I thought "How hard can it be??" Let me tell you, dudes, it is hella hard. YO! I mean, I seriously thought my heart would rupture at one point. I was panting so hard, I sucked in enough polled to turn my lungs yellow. But, BY GOD, I made it the the DAMN TOP! Here's the proof:

Yep. That's me with the ATL skyline in the background. See my freakin' RED face? I mean seriously, peeps, if you never have had the pleasure, at one point (also known as the last half mile) it is a shear 45-degree angle straight up. Freaking POLES are installed so you can hoist yourself up the side! WTF?? I, mean, should THAT be safe?? Anyway, Bobs later told me he thought I was going to bail on him. SUCK IT BOBS! The Bunny don't bail. That's just how I roll. And you know what?? I am planning on going back in a month to do it again and see if I am more fit. I know, I am bat-shit crazy, but now I have a goal.

Today, I went and walked an hour around a local park with Bobs. I figure as long as I am unemployed, I can try to work on getting rid of my ass. I mean, if things get REALLY bad, and I lose lots of weight, I could consider being a stripper. Miss Bunny. HA!

I also had two very good meetings about freelance work today, which made me feel better, esp. in light of the plumber bill. Wax and wane, peeps, wax and wane.

What I'm Cooking:
Oy. It's not been a stellar cooking week. Tuesday night, I made Taco Skillet. I have covered this dish before--you can find it here:

Last night, I went to dinner at a friend's house who did an awesome antipasto-type spread with chilled tortellini, herbed ricotta, olives, cured meats, smoked cheeses, marinated tomatoes--just lots of yumminess. And wine. Lots of yummy wine.

What I'm Listening To:
I have to admit, the Bunny has been off her music game. I need something fresh. Or a blast from the past. But right now, I am listening to The Blow Monkey's Digging Your Scene. Fetch.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading Bright Lights, Big Ass. And my friend gave me the new Adriana Trigiani book, Very Valentine, last night, so that's next.

What's on My Mind:
I am all enraged this week over a fresh batch of homophobia that has hatched. First, that little Miss CA twit-head ("Opposite marriage"?? Seriously?? Shut your piehole, honey.) and, then, someone I know had a FB "friend" (term used loosely) tell them they were de-friending them and that they were going to Hell for being gay (after said "friend" saw on the someone I know's FB profile about their "partner"). Better off, I say. God hates hate, peeps. I'm just sayin'.

So, off that soapbox and onto my goodbyes. Lots planned for the weekend--mostly garden planting--so stop by later for some primo garden porn. Later taters! B


Sonya said...

You're not alone, you're not alone! Congrats on the climb...and the new toilet. Good luck with the training! Not for the toilet - for the next climb. HA!

bunny said...

YEAH! THANKS! And, hey, that toilet requires some training. You sit down too fast, you can bruise your butt! (it's like two inches higher, and my subconscious has not adjusted yet)

Elisabeth said...

I want to do the Stone Mountain climb with you! Glad you've had a couple of good meetings. . . good week for Bunny!

bunny said...

E, I will call you when I get ready to do it again. It's gonna be on like Donkey Kong! Maybe I will do right before the BIG birthday...

Robin said...

Hey it doesn't count when half of the comments are yours

bunny said...

^Dear Sis, I don't count MY posts, BUT I do try to reply to everyone as sorta a "thanks for stopping by." Even you. :)