Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When it Rains....Well, You Know

Oh, peeps. Or should I say "Oy, peeps!" This week. Oy. And it's only Tuesday.

Sunday, we ran around all day being social which about wore us out. Now I know why I prefer to be a social retard--much more relaxing. Actually, we went to my sis' son's birthday party and it was good fun. I positioned myself at the kid's table, surrounded by five boys ranging in age from 6 to 9. SNORT! It was the most fun I have had in a while. As noted before, boys this age love all things relating to body fluids so the convo centered around constipation (how do kids know what that is??) and getting so backed up that "poop comes out your ears." The word "dork" was also used quite frequently (mostly by me), however, I basically managed to keep things under fair control. SNORT!

My bro-in-law fired up the grill for the meal--he is a master griller and those 'effin keilbasa were yums. Unfortch, we left early so we could make it back for the opening of the new patient tower at the local hospital--I used to work there, and recently did some freelance work for them, so I wanted to go. It is quite beautiful and I was glad I went--got to see lots of former work peeps, which was nice.

By Sunday evening, however, we were BEAT, so we had a simple supper, chilled out and went to bed early. Sadly, however, two things happened: 1) while doing a quick clean of the bathroom, I realized our guest toilet was leaking quite badly and 2) Savannah (we are pretty sure it was her) managed to pee all over the couch. Yes, the newly recovered couch. So, let's dissect those.

First, the toilet. Got up yesterday morning and called our trusty awesome plumber who came out and after three hours, could not figure out why the toilet was leaking. So, guess what?? $$$NEW TOILET$$$. Whee! I did, however, tell him that if we were putting a new one in, I wanted one of the high-sitting, "handicapped" ones--hell, ain't no one around Casa Bunny getting any younger and if that thing is going to be here for, you know, 15ish years, it needs to be for old farts. So, this morning, they brought the new geriatric throne which is now installed and gleamy white. See:

Now, where else but BGR can you get photos of toilets?? It's quite pretty--sleek lines, name brand (Kohler), so come on over and try it out!

So onto the other issue. In a few, I am leaving to take Savannah to the vet. In addition to the couch soaking, we have noticed other possible urinary issues and need to get it checked out. Best case? Urinary track infection. Worst case? Incontinence. Either way? $$$$. Sigh. If it ain't one damn thing, it's another and this time, it's both.

What I'm Cooking:
Sunday night, I made tuna-orzo salad which was nice, light and refreshing. I forgot to take a photo (though I pictured it here last summer), but it is basically canned tuna, cooked orzo, tomatoes, peppers, feta and onion tossed with a herbed vinaigrette. Great for summer.

Last night, I made kitchen-sink veggie pasta--basically, a jarred sauce with all kinds of veggies thrown in--peppers, squash, zucchini, mushrooms. Again, forgot to take a photo, but it wasn't all that exciting.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, nada.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading Bright Lights, Big Ass.

What's on My Mind:
Well, sorry to be short, but I have lots to do today and tomorrow, starting with the vet, then doing errands and freelance meetings, and moving into applying for some jobs. Yeah, that would be important. Will be back on Hump Day for a longer post with pics (I hope! I have dinner that night with a friend and may just choose to get sloppy drunk depending on how the next 36 hours go). Later peeps! Bun


Elisabeth said...

really sorry your life is down the crapper (I can't believe you didn't use that one in your post!).

Want to go in on a joint script of Prozac?

bunny said...

HA! Good one! I think, for now, I will self-medicate with alcohol, but I will let you know if I feel I need for the "hard stuff."