Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday? Sunday? Whazz??

I tell you, peeps, it seems that all the days these days just run into one another. And, worse yet, even though I have lots of time on my hands, I seem to get nothing done. I need a plan. A schedule. Seriously, I have to start getting my arse in gear while I have the opportunity because, one day, I will have a job again, and I will be wistfully looking forward to vacation, wishing I had a month off to "get some things done," and kicking myself for not spending this time more productively. Well, I have been doing some productive napping. And book reading.

I will say that I DID start exercising last week. Thursday and Friday morning, I went to the park and walked 2+ miles each day plus came home and did some weights. Though I am a little sore, it was SO invigorating and stress reducing. It was great. I will keep that up, for sure.

Thursday afternoon, I looked for jobs, worked on work (same song, diff day) and went to the grocery store. I swear, food is pricy. I only purchased 3 BAGS and it was $70. Crazy. Then, yesterday, it was the same old, same old again, however, last night, I did have some fun. A friend was able to get BOGO free tickets to the Hall & Oates concert at Chastain, and we went, see:

I labeled the photo so you would know which was which, because, you know, they look so similar and all. Anywho, I would give the concert a B+. They only sang about 1.5 hours and, with the number of songs they have, it could have been at least 2 hours. Not a very dynamic show either--I like a little talking, a little personal interaction. None of that. Nope, no siree. It was opening night for Chastain, too, and I must say, it was a little sad. It was half full at best. And that was with BOGO ticket sales. Oy.

Today, me and the Moms went shopping. Don't get all excited--I ain't out blowing money I don't have. We went to Walmart. Lookee what my Moms bought me:

$10 purse! They had some cute, nice looking bags for cheapo. In fun, warm weather colors like kelly green, bright blue, hot pink, orange and sunny yellow. I don't mind it being cheapo because if I am buying something fashion-y, I don't want to pay loads of money. I had a hard time deciding on a color though, but I really like this one. FUN!

I also bought more gardening stuff--a new hose, a soaker hose (for water conservation), some tomato cages. I also bought a few more plants--here is my stash:

Here is the plan: Next week, I am going to get the hubs to help me add amendments (read: cow shit) to the garden, and plant this first round of plants. They should mature in about 50-60 days (mid to late June) and, once they are spent, I am going to plant round 2, which I started today:

Here are my second round seedling starts, which are going to take about 6-8 weeks to mature, so my hope is that they will be ready to put in the ground when the others are ready to come up. Of course, this plan will probably not work to my advantage--you know, best laid plans and all. But I am trying to stagger yields this year so I am not hit with 100s of tomatoes at one time. And, this damn seedling starting better work! As the hubs noted, there comes a point when you have more money in the garden than the value of the crops it yields. But, I say, at least I get something out of my garden expenditures (you can't eat daylilys, hubs!). Because you all KNOW that there is nothing better than homegrown 'maters. Fo' shizzle.

What I'm Cooking:
So, Thursday night, I cooked this awesome pre-bagged/cooked London Broil I bought at Sam's. It was so easy and so good. Tender and flavorful. I made smashed red potatoes and broccoli salad to go with (the hubs requested the broccoli salad, and it is yummy--you know, broccoli, bacon, onions, sunflower seeds). Here it is plated:

The topping on the 'taters in the au jus from the meat. It was quite good and we had a ton of leftovers. I will be buying this again, yes, siree. Tonight we had frozen pizza and I tried something new:

I found this at Walmart and it looked so good. I was tres excited (grilled veggies! foccacia crust!) but a little disappointed in the outcome. The crust was excellent but not enough sauce so it was a little dry. Oh well. However, it was easier to get down with this:

This wine was a gift from a friend. Besides the label being pretty, it is quite tasty. OK, E, I know you are screaming "But you don't like Cabs!" Well, this one is mouth-puckering dry on first swizz but it has a nice sweet grapeness in the middle and ends with a nice peppery finish. Don'ts I sound so smart and wine-y?? :)

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Asleep by The Smiths. Excellent.

What I'm Reading:
WHEE! I ordered the other two books by Jen Lancaster from my cheapo book buying place (can't beat $1!) and they both came yesterday, so I started reading Bright Lights, Big Ass. Maybe not QUITE as funny as the first (probably because I am atune to her style now) but still a great read so far.

What's on My Mind:
Look at this funny photo of the Pud:

She is so damn cute. If you look close, you will see her tail is a blur because it is moving so fast!

Tomorrow is my sis' youngest son's b-day party so more quality family time. This week is going to be busy--lots of meetings and networking (keep your fingers crossed!) and a couple of fun friend things, so yeah! Be back soon, loves to you all! B


ctflack said...

Will you share the name of your cheap book buying place? Did I miss that in previous posts?

bunny said...

Sure! are an affiliate of ebay, so if you have an ebay account, you should have a account. You can buy all kinds of media there from people who post used goods a la ebay. They have to list the condition, and they have rankings, etc. I usually can find most books I want for around $1 + shipping (which is a flat rate). You probably won't be able to get new, hot stuff there for cheapo, but if you're looking for somehting 6 months or more off, it's usually good pickins.'

I also had a friend intro me to You can have an account--for free!--and list your books you are willing to part with. Then, if someone wants your book, they request it from you, you mail it to them and get a credit, which you can use to request books for you. They give you 2 credits to start. It is basically free except for your cost of shipping. If you want a book and it is not available, you can request it on your "wish list" and when it is available, they will email you and hold it for you. Again, may have to wait a little for your book to be offered, but I have gotten some great books this way!