Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Peeps! Oy, the weather! I know we need the rain so badly, but golly, it's just so dreary when it's like every single day. BTW, if you know the reference behind the blog title, then kudos to you for being a child of the 80's.

So, sent we last met, things have been quiet around Casa Bunny. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, the hubs and I piddled around the house (Yes, we were horrible sinners and did not go to church. I personally cannot be a Chris-ter—you know, the person who only goes to church at Christmas and Easter) and then went to my 'rents for Easter lunch. Moms got the big 'ol Honeybaked ham with all the sides—green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, mac 'n cheese, deviled eggs (two dozen of which were scarfed up!). The hubs made the dessert, which was awesome! Behold:

Southern Living's Lemon Curd Cake. You slice an angel food cake into thirds, layer in lemon curd mixed with sour cream, then "ice" it with cream cheese, lemon juice and powdered sugar frosting. DELISH! He is a talented man.

After stuffing our pieholes, we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with the kiddos, then played Wii where I finally found something I could beat my 7-year-old nephew playing—bowling! Who knew?? He got so peeved I was winning, he decided he didn't want to play anymore. Can you say "bad sport?"

Last night, we watched a movie, and went to bed early-ish. Today, I busied myself doing work and looking for work while freezing in the wind and rain soaked day. The rest of the week, however, is supposed to be pretty, so hopefully, we can finally get our cedar siding stained. Whee!

What I'm Cooking:
We were not terribly hungry last night after gouging ourselves at lunch, so I just made sandwiches, and tonight we had chicken, pepper and spinach quesadillas with homemade guacamole and black beans. You know, the staples.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Behind the Wheel by Depeche Mode. Bobs has won tickets to their concert in September and invited me to go today. Whee! I am TRES excited! I LOVES me some moody, dark Depeche Mode. Takes me right back to the moody, dark days of high school.

What I'm Reading:
After I finished the book Saturday, I haven't had the opportunity to start anything new, but I am considering my next choices, so stay tuned.

What's on My Mind:
Whew. I just feel pooped, peeps, but tomorrow, I am going to get off my duff and exercise. Hold me accountable, ok? I need some motivation and guilt is a great motivator. It is. I'm just sayin'.

Later taters—I will finally try to be back for a Hump Day Holla Wednesday. Kisses, B

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ctflack said...

We had a lady at our church say her husband was the CEO (Christmas and Easter Only). I thought that was hilarious, and I hadn't heard that one before.