Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Holla, peeps! Bunny's in 'da house! Actually, Bunny wishes she were outside the house, enjoying the fabulous, yet pollen-filled, day. But we must work. No rest for the unemployed. Well, just goofing off via blogging.

So, yesterday was a pretty hectic day--I had an early a.m. networking meeting and made a couple of possible freelance contacts, then I went to the ATL to talk to someone about a potential full-time position. We'll see what happens. I am just trying, the best I can, to take it day by day. Otherwise, I become overwhelmed and the anxiety starts to mount. It's a new world for me--the world of not obsessing--but I have to make myself do this or I will have an ulcer. Seriously.

So, last night, I went to Bobs for dinner and Idol--more on that later. Then, today, I have spent the morning following up on leads from yesterday and other work. I swear, I never remember days going this fast when I was working full-time! Anyway, I did have one cool thing happen today--I gots a free lunch (and who said there were none anymore??), courtesy of Domino's. Woot! Yesterday, one of the frugal mommy bloggers I follow posted Domino's was giving away their new pasta bread bowls today FREE so I called my local joint and, yes, Virginia, they were participating. Behold the Bread Bowl:

Y'all. This thing was mother-'effin GOOD. Seriously. Now, I am sure it was not remotely healthy (yeah, I got the Chicken Carbonara--chicken, alfredo sauce, bacon, mushrooms, onions) but I was quite surprised by the tasti-ness. Props to Domino's for the offer and the goodness. I think I will send them a note to thank them.

In other news, it was such a nice day today, I decided to take some more photos of the front of the house. Behold Casa Bunny, the rocked version 2.0:

Here is the front from the other side, showing the stoop. Gosh, y'all, it's hard to believe it's finally all coming together.

And here is the stoop from the outside. Obvs, we need to paint/stain the column, which we plan to do once the pollen dies down a little.

What I'm Cooking:
I hinted at my Monday night "fairy cuisine" meal last post, so let the teasing be over--I made sauteed herb chicken:

I pounded some chicken breasts flat, S&P'ed them, dredged them in flour with a hefty dose of Herbs de Provence mixed in, then sauteed them in my grill pan with a little oil olive. Dudes, they were golden perfection, juicy and tasty. I served them with a salad of tomatoes, cukes, onions and field greens and Archer Farms red pepper risotto. Here it is plated:

It was so good! Now I am trying to think of other add-ins to fix chicken this way. I was thinking of using dry ranch dressing mix in the flour--I think that would be yum-mee. Last night, I was at Bobs, so I am posting his meal as a "guest edition" of BGR What I'm Cooking:

Bobs made quesadillas a la Bunny in his Bobby Flay cast iron grill pan. It's a nice pan. I may need one of those (hint, hint, Bunny b-day coming up!). Bobs kept it healthy with whole grain tortillas, ground turkey breast and a little cheese.

Here it is plated. One concession: Bobs made guac. At least avocado is a healthy fat! We also whipped up some cool concoctions of the alcoholic variety:

Bobs took my TJ Limeade and lime vodka mix and upped the antey by adding a shot of lemoncello. Mmm. Like a tipsy Sprite. You drink them fast because they are so good, and the next thing you know, it's kicking your arse. We were trying to think of a name. Maybe "Citrus Kicker" would work.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch. I first feel in love with this song when it was played on a Buffy the Vampire episode. It's a great song. Heart-tearing and yet wistful.

What I'm Reading:
Still on Very Valentine. Not much headway this week. Reading is basically more for the weekend.

What's on My Mind:
1) I had to get up yesterday at 6 a.m. (I will wait while most of you laugh...out loud, I am sure) and I know for a fact that when I find a new FT job, getting up is going to KICK. MY. ASS. Hard. For weeks. Yo.
2) Here is a photo of the current view from my kitchen window. I cannot explain why, but it makes me feel so good every time I look out:

Well, peeps, I guess I better get back at it. Be back soon! B

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Elisabeth said...

I know I said it in another post, but the rock rocks! Really brings the house together. And, I'd love for that to be my view out my kitchen window!