Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day Holla!

Holla, Peeps! That’s right—it’s back! The Hump Day Holla! For those of you newer to bunnygoround, the Hump Day Holla is simply when a post happens to coincide with, well, Wednesday, also known as Hump Day. But it’s always an occasion for extra bunnygoround specialness. So, yo, let’s get to it!

Well, Casa Bunny remains a vestige of boredom for the most part. Yesterday, I spent most of the day rebuilding my email contacts (I know, contain yourself! I live SO on the edge!) and looking for work. I sent out a three month “reminder” emails letting people know I am still seeking employment. I have found that the best way to get leads is to let people know you are looking. “Duh”-worthy, I know, but online searching is almost a waste of time. I am still doing both but in today’s world, getting a job is all about networking, so I am trying to do my best to reach out and touch as many people as I can. I actually have a few meetings set up in the next couple of weeks, so that is promising.

So, yeah, I have made a pact with myself—no more crying, no more feeling sorry for myself, no more negative thoughts. Ok, I may let a tear leak every now and then, but I am going to focus on staying focused, being positive and keeping busy. Between freelance work, looking for work and volunteering, that should be easy. Oh, and starting my exercise regime. Because I am all fired up after watching Biggest Loser last night. WOW! What transformations! Maybe I will apply for Biggest Loser. Now THAT would be an adventure. If only my hubs had not brought home TWO HUGE containers of Starburst jelly beans! Bastard! Yes, I have been BAD but I have NOT ran across any more mutants (you will be happy to know, Callie!).

Yesterday, I took the girls for grooms and I was gonna post photos, but I am sorta embarrassed for them. I asked—and the groomer complied—for them to be cut SHORT. Now they look a little sad and scrawny. Sorta like overgrown Chihuahuas. Poor Savannah was shaking this morning from cold, I believe. Yikes. Oh well, we needed to get value—grooming is expensive but we would rather pay for it than endure “love bites” from Savannah.

Today, the hubs was off and while I was working on getting work and some work projects, he worked outside. I decided to finish out the post today with some garden porn—just a tease of things to come, peeps. Just a tease.

These are blackberry and blueberry plants we actually bought last fall but never put in the ground because of the remodel. Now, we are trying to decide where to plant them. According to hubs, they grow 8+ feet tall. But am I stoked about fresh berries in my yard?? Yes, I am. Now I just need a raspberry bush or two.

This is my oregano, which survived winter and is going to town! Woo-hoo! That oregano! The sage looks like it might be making a comeback too, but it’s too early to tell fer sure.

This is a peony the hubs planted last fall. Peonies are my FAVORITE flower. Loves them and cannot wait for blooms when they get bigger.

This is a huge white azalea that grows right off our deck. Beautiful.

These are some heirloom tomato plants my hubs bought me at the garden expo last week. Yeah, baby! Just wait until those dudes start coming up.

And this is another flat of veggies the hubs bought me today for the good deal of $1 per 4/pack. Cukes, peppers, regular tomatoes. And my moms helped “underwrite” a big order to Park Seed a few weeks ago I am awaiting. I told her I would pay her back in produce, so it’s all good. I am so excited about the veggie garden this year. I have got to go get some Black Cow (that would be manure) and start getting my soil ready for plantin’.

What I'm Cooking:
I know you are going to be sad, but the hubs treated me to a cheap meal out last night and I have not made dinner yet today, but it is going to be paninis and soup. Sorry this week has not been more inspired. I will try to do better next week. I promise.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Right by Your Side by the Eurythmics. Over and over. I forgot what a great song it is—it has this Jamacian-y, steel drum rhythm to it. Fabulous. I just want a pina colada and warm breezes. Oh, yeah. “I’m so full of desire, when you set my head on fire, I need to be right by your side.”

What I'm Reading:
Still trying to catch up on some magazine reading.

What's on My Mind:
Have you SEEN the lady on Britan’s Got Talent who wowed the judges? Go to the link below now, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. It is incredible. I have watched it at least a dozen times today. WOW. Just WOW.

Later dudes—peace out! The Bun


Elisabeth said...

I knew I was going to regret not buying some of the heirloom tomatoes & I'm right. . .I'm jealous. And have I told you that the wind Monday morning blew our gazebo into the neighbor's yard? It is toast, as well as our dining room window ($ chi-ching - rolling gazebo pushes grill into window $) and gutter, which we don't have a quote on yet. So, my thrill with plants was short lived b/c now I'm trying to put back together my sanctuary.

bunny said...

Lesson learned--ALWAYS go for the tomatoes! :) Actually, Kerry talked to the lady that had them--it is I.G. Nursery in Baldwin. And the bonsai place on Cleveland Hwy had them last year (that's where I bought mine last year). Of course, I am sure some nurseries in ATL might have them, as well.

No, you didn't tell me about the gazebo--that sucks. Can you not file that on homeowners?? Just thank goodness it did not damage the neighbor's house! The hail Friday night shredded most of Kerry's hostas AND our grill cover but we think the roof was spared. This weather, as you would say, OI!

Elisabeth said...

We probably could file for homeowners, but we've always heard that unless there is a lot of damage - ie, tens of thousands - it isn't worth it. Your rates spike or they cancel you. So, I think we're just biting the bullet & being thankful it wasn't worse.

We're so glad we cut the tree last fall - it probably would have ended up on our garage had we not.